Phi "Phi Ai" Phi Huyen Trang sent a message to girls in the same situation on Valentine's Day

In 2017, he was very pleased with the place in the family Curse Family. However, due to the hot vision in this movie she broke herself and her lover up.

Since then, Phi Hsuan Trang has not been able to find the right person even when they took part in a daily game on television. Taken as a "sweetheart", Phi Huyen Trang has shared his share of Valentine's Day.

Act Phi Hsuan Trang

– There must be today that Phi Huyen Trang is like many other "ế" water holes for those who are less locked?

Trang "does not set up water bridges" & # 39; and you do not carry less than it is; do not bother suddenly on behavior. Yes, this page is correct (smile).

– It's good for those days, Phi Huyen Trang scares the questions from friends and relatives?

Friends and friends are very familiar with the status of the page, and then it should not be too fragile, not to express. Even taking up the campaign to do it; going to shops, watching movies, but that's a? most people are busy. It should also be that Trang should not give too much time to everyone.

Home page is denied. Take his shop with his mother and go home with his father; Cleaning the altar, so that day.

– – But there is no sense when I feel so lonely that Trang does not; get any relationship?

He did not think of a typical day but he says that the special days like this Trang are also a bit sad, but only very cheap, but it was not always the case to make it true.

Love is to feel very good, he must be & # 39; Believe that he wants to be with that person, if you're with someone who is not really fond of, Trang wants to be alone!

– Although this year is "lover" but Phi Huyen Trang has received a lot of experience. What kind of gift or sweetheart is in love? remember most of the page

Last year's Valentine, there was a very sweet holiday in Trang in a place where she likes and "saves" to be with the person she loves.

Trang likes to do it, although it is now, when it is repeated, it's just a memory but Trang thought that the youngsters were given once and did not come back. to stay with all your heart and to be at all; do what you want to mean that you want to. feeling worried.

– Vacationing in isolation, Phi Huyen Trang is a & # 39; Are you going to reduce their standards to earn life soon?

The current level is already low and still called "daughter", lower than that, he can not think that the person is in the future (laughter).

– What do you mean by Phi Huyen Trang to girls that do not seem to you, but do they build with a family or friends with grizzly bees?

The women will not get yourself in that shoe or worry.

Trang believes that it is a good idea to take on life, care for yourself, make friends with you and spend more time with your family. why? It may be the last "single" (laughter) this year.

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