Phone Vietnam's newspaper decision, Myanmar fears age 23 Park at AFF Cup

Tuesday, 11/20/2018 08:57 AM (GMT + 7)

Before the game concluded with the finals in Group A, the Myanmar papers warned the team about Vietnam's "main".

Laos Video – Myanmar (NextMedia is a tablet, broadcast on VTC)

He is not a "playable" challenger in Myanmar AFF Cup This year. After their first visit, the team called "White Angels" has been on the # 39; top because it has a big influence on Laos and Cambodia.

Vietnam phone newspaper is determined, Myanmar is worried about the U23 of his Park in the AFF Cup - 1

Thuwanna Stadium is a focus for Myanmar

Under Antoine Hey's reign, strong strength and fighting spirit are not largely considered. In situations where the direction is always ahead, but this team always includes the back-up from 3 to 4 to the challenge grid.

However, before the biggest challenge called Vietnam Tel, Myanmar is difficult to dream of a profitable product, whether it was played at Thuwanna.

In the pre-game commentary, Sport Myanmar's newspaper pressed a great deal on the Vietnam team, and warned the team.

"The Vietnamese team is showing a huge status in the past, they have a very stable play and show a terrible strength in the competition.

With many quality players, they are consistent in the face of defense and invasion. The most important thing is that Vietnam knows a stripper as it uses the dead situation. "

Not only that, the article also recognizes the strength of Vietnam's recruitment. "Vietnam's Vietnam base was built from major U23 players. In particular, these are important features for Vietnam to reach the 2018 Asian Games, rarely performing for South Asian Asian football. "

Indeed, Myanmar is very aware that Vietnam's Phone is much stronger in this war. Especially when Myanmar suffered his defeat at the Yangon (Thuwanna) playground when they came to Vìoba at the 2016 AFF Cup.

Vietnam's phone resolution, Myanmar newspaper is worried about the U23 AFF Cup of the Park - 2

Coach Antoine Hey agrees with the players

But Myanmar is closing the job, Sports Myanmar said the home team still needs to be successful, in order to avoid "tax loss" by Malaysia. last round. "Myanmar knows the importance of the conflict with Vietnam. It's only 100% to win the White Angels, and they can get their debt back to the opponents , as well as the ticket to the final round. "

AFF Cup Series 3: The Cursa

There were 4 clasps on the third round of the AFF Cup group to honor.

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