PM will try to hold a fire & # 39; contribute to rural development

On the afternoon of November 26 in Hanoi, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc was present at the service to provide certificates of value, and respected groups and individuals who made an amazing achievement in to & # 39; Implementing the Purpose of the 7th Middle Committee on agriculture and farmers. , rural. Speaking at the event, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc stressed that no suggestion or contribution can be made; measure all contributions of all organizations and individuals in our country's agricultural development.

How do you save money on the development of sustainable agriculture
Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc gave entitlement certificates to organizations, individuals and initiatives that have successful achievements in the implementation of the 7th meeting of the 7th full Party Party Committee on agriculture, farmers and areas countryside.South Westerly

Also served by a member of Politburo, Secretary of the Committee. Party Party, Chief Executive of Nguyen Van Binh Economic Commission; The leaders of the party, the Government, the Vietnamese Farmers Association, the heads of ministries, committees and branches, and congresses and individuals will be praised.

This is part of a national conference and a national conference on the 10th anniversary of the 7th National Congress on agriculture, farmers and rural areas.

At the event, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc, Chief Executive of the Nguyen Van Binh Economic Prime Commander and his leaders, Party and the State First Ministerial Expedition for 200 collections and individuals and 11 campaigns. Achievement achievement in implementing Mission at the 7th Middle Committee on agriculture, farmers and rural areas.

Speaking at the event, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc said agriculture, farmers and rural areas were the key strategic centers and the foundations and forces for socialist sustainability- To maintain national security and protection, to ensure the same maintain national national identity and protect the environment. In order to determine this focus, the 7th meeting of the Legislative X on Resolution 26 is given on agriculture, farmers and rural areas, identifying the policy of progress to ensure that the aim is to & # 39; continually improving life levels. spirit for the rural people; To build a new and modern agriculture in terms of modernity, sustainability and productivity with high yield, quality and efficiency. To build new rural areas with a new socio-economic infrastructure.

Looking back 10 years of implementation of its & # 39; Determination, the First Minister was valued, according to the settlement that the construction of new rural areas became a broad move, with the help of the people. To date, 42% of companies have met the criteria of the new rural areas.

How do you save money on the development of sustainable agriculture 2
The PM stressed that no suggestion or assessment can measure all contributions of all organizations and individuals in the agricultural development of the country.South Westerly

Many thanks to the conclusion of the Determination, the increase of agricultural workers increased rapidly and poorly reduced the level of poor households, 1.5% on average annually. In mountain areas, minorities in recent years have decreased by 4% / year. Rural areas seem to have changed to improve the lives of farmers. These advanced developments have been triggering their & # 39; registration for the agriculture sector as an exporter to Vietnam in 2017 on the top of the world; Trade change is estimated to be more than $ 40 billion, and # 39; contributes greatly to the socio-economic development of the country.

Recalling the teaching of Uncle Ho: "It's worth a better example than 100 lectures," said the Prime Minister. "Today's settlement and event is a proposal for the Party and the State. Individuals and organizations that have contributed to Vietnam's agriculture, in particular the strong, vibrant business people, credit groups, weak farmers and tough on making major changes. In restructuring, changing its representative model, enhancing the use of innovative and innovative technology in production and business, contributing to & # 39; celebrate and enrich the achievements and achievements of the agricultural sector. Ten years to implement Resolution 26, thus creating a variety of agricultural products from Vietnam that are present in markets He has won many prestigious international awards in the UAE, ASEAN, USA, Russia, South Korea, especially in other countries. China. "

The Prime Minister showed a number of ordinary businesses such as Vinamilk, TH Truemilk, Vietnam Bank for Social Policies, Thai Binh Seed, Bui Van Engineering Industrial Engineering Company, Quyet Thang Seafood Co …

Aspirations of gatherings and individuals to promote achievement to contribute to prestigious agriculture, international integration and climate change, the Prime Minister said: "We also need to be aware that your esteem or assessment can not be considered Any contribution to all organizations and individuals is measured in the development of our country's agriculture. Many individuals and organizations whose contribution is very quiet. The organizations and individuals Today's election is very normal, but services, departments and areas still need to be sought and time consumed and keep the fire for many installments and individuals There is no chance to be here. I ask all stages, branches and campaign leaders to take more attention to the work of praise and increase time on the spirit of co-ordination and creativity hd individuals and groups. The mirror was a suggestion and a & # 39; continue to use, so that no good or desirable strategies can be aware, and # 39; left behind, including the techniques and technical advances of farmers. We say it is a "two-race brother".

The Prime Minister noted that we have high-quality agriculture in 4.0 out of date. Indeed, new agricultural models, innovative ideas that are not the Objective to cover. This is a great challenge for policy makers. So, it must be reviewed, a & # 39; evaluate and suggest changes according to the living conditions, depending on the trend in the development of new agriculture in the digital economy. Here is the content that will be discussed at the online conference tomorrow, November 27.

Being one of the units receiving a First Ministerial Expedition Certificate, over the past 16 years, has been the Vietnamese Bank for Social Policies to make a huge effort to deliver traditional and develop the poor of spiritual. Rural areas with appropriate socio-economic infrastructure. Credit policies for the poor people and the policy benefits are implemented by the Bank of factors important to change the agricultural structure and rural areas.

Mr Duong Quyet Thang, General Manager of the Vietnam Bank for Social Policies, said the operation of a bank was reinforced by the National Assembly. Therefore, policy policies for the poorer people are the most widely implemented policy, which is one of the main points of poverty reduction policies in Vietnam. Implementing a national target program on the acquisition of new rural areas, the Bank moved to build new rural areas in the entire system and successfully completed the credit programs as specified by a Prime Minister:

"The Bank will use loan programs to create jobs, generate revenue, build housing, clean water and sanitation, etc. for poor households, near poor households and new families. get loans out of poverty to develop produce and business, generate income, improve life situations in the agricultural and rural areas. With over 20 credit programs for disadvantaged and policy-makers, to date, the outstanding debt has reached almost 186 trillion dong with almost 6.7 million home loans. Most of the credit programs are related to agriculture, rural areas and farmers, "said Duong Quyet Thang.

By implementing the Mission, by the end of 2017, 99.4 communities have a rural road to a center; communion. 100% of companies have electricity and 99.2 of rural households. 99.7% of companies have primary schools and families, 99.5 committees have medical stations.

Many of the new economic models are more suited to making major products and markets. There are more than 13,000 agricultural partnerships in the countryside and over 35,000 farms, especially many of the great farmers have shown in the move to build new countries.

Vu Dung / VOV

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