Preview Honda Civic RS 2019 is open in Vietnam

Honda Civic RS 2019 will be sold by Honda Vietnam from April to 2 standard versions. At this time, the sales value of this change has not been announced by Honda but 400 buyers have made investments.

From April 2019 Honda Civic will have an RS screenshot for election. This is a change that was sold in Thailand for a long time but has been introduced by Honda Vietnam to offer consumers more choice. Currently, the sales price of RS Civilization is not yet announced but more than 400 customers are investing.


RS (Road Sails) represents the spirit of sport and always influences the challenge of Honda. Civic 1.5 RS is therefore different from other versions such as sports design, inspirational driving and many technologies. In addition, the RS RS has a new red option. Vehicles equipped with 1.5bo VTEC Turbo turbocharged, with a capacity of 170 horsemen and a peak of 220 Nm.


In addition to the improved features and interiors, the contrasting layout of Honda Civic: the black black meat wheel with the RS logo, strong 18 inch, strong, windsweeps has been subject to variations in the exterior. In addition, the revised civic landscape includes some new features: Starting with a key, ventilator for two independent regions … t

The RS9 2019 version is equipped with a Honda Sensing sensory system and safety safety help systems. This includes: a modular change control system, a floating support system, access to a warning system and a warning about going round. Each change is balanced by an electronic balancing system, an ABS, an EBD, a new emergency stop signal, a down camera and 4 airbags.


For indoor equipment, the car has a pastime system with a 7 inch screen, a sail system, a 8 speaker system. Additionally, the car is well-equipped to provide an 8-lane energy seat, a 6-way energy passenger seat, daylight lights, LED lights. The RS owns high-visibility red texture furniture.


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