Prime Minister: Vietnam needs to be the center of furniture and furnishings in the world


On November 27, a national online conference was finalized on the 10th anniversary of the implementation of the 7th Administrative Resolution on agriculture, farmers and rural areas.

Report on the 10th anniversary results of the Three-Party Resolutions, Deputy Head of Department Central Economics, Cao Duc Phat, is the Secretary of the Committee's Committee on the establishment of the Project to establish a "new phase of business – renewal" during 2008-2010; Collection of guides on the implementation of a number of emergency activities in a field of agriculture, rural areas, farmers. The National Assembly has set up 31 Laws, 11 Deposits, 4 visits of study related content. The PM also launched the migration movement "The whole country is building a new country".

According to Phat, coming into the whole political system, agriculture has made progress in terms of scale and production. Agriculture has grown strongly to create international competitors. Some agricultural products have proven the position and competitiveness of the world market. The average income of each person in rural areas has increased 3.5 hours from VND 9 million in 2008 to VND 32 million in 2017. Income gap between urban and rural areas is reduced by 2.1 times a year 2008 1.8 times in 2017. The proportion of poor households in the country is a 1.5% reduction per annum, particularly in poor areas, 4% reduction per year.

The Policy and Rural Policy and Development Institute also considered that Vietnam's agricultural exports had been very strong in the last 10 years. An increase in agro-forestry-fishing products has risen from almost $ 16.5 billion in 2009 to almost $ 36.4 billion in 2017. Key features include rope, coffee, rubber, rubber and tea products. worms, nuts and timber products, rattan and so on. Over recent years, agriculture has been producing an export surplus with an average of USD 8 billion per annum, 2008-2017.

Agriculture also has a clear role in the structure of export products in terms of increasing its & # 39; proportion of wood, vegetables, cashew, and reduction in & # 39; proportion of seafood, Russia. In the period 2009-2017, the co-forestry export structure – Vietnam's wild products has changed and is more aware of how high demand market is like the US, Japan, Korea, EU, Australia , Canada.

However, the Rural and Agricultural Development Policy and Strategy Institute also stated that Vietnam's agricultural output has been significantly sold but low value is due to 50% in raw form, according to some of big markets. The quality of some Vietnamese cultivated arable products does not ensure hygiene and food safety and the technical requirements of countries that are experiencing; introduced; they are not involved in a global value chain, the proportion of the specified materials is not low.

Therefore, the Institute believes that Vietnam's agriculture can not sustain its future benefits by doing so; using natural and cheap resources, and needs to prepare competitiveness when engaging in international integration. Vietnam needs to develop forestry and fishing processing businesses, and Improve value chain links and have adequate insurance policies to deal with risks; Product restructuring to meet global market demand, high-quality food enhancement, food process, furniture, organic products …

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc at the 27/11 agricultural product exhibition. Photograph: VGP

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc at the 27/11 agricultural product exhibition. Photograph: VGP

Ending on & # 39; meeting, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc said that his intention was taken and the farmers have taken the lives of the farmer, no one left behind. Agricultural produce has been strongly restored, more suited to market equipment, Creating the chain from production to spend. There are 50,000 enterprises working in agriculture and rural areas. "Agriculture has been on the market of four seas," said Puc.

However, the Prime Minister said that there are still many shortcomings, despite agricultural favor GDP has a little added to the economy. There are more than 33 million hectares of agricultural land in the country but there is no high efficiency, the number of agricultural businesses is only counting for 1% of the country, especially small and small …

"Vietnam's agricultural outputs are the most raw, unbridled exports, the level of output is very high, the infrastructure for good processing and processing, the use of compost, poisoning, "said the Prime Minister, emphasizing the need to safely and badly clean Vietnam's agriculture. Those that added more fertilizer and pesticides to consumer materials.

To implement the agriculture, farmers and rural development in the future, the Prime Minister said that sustainable use of agricultural, forestry and water resources for agricultural use should be used. Active reaction to climate. The first rose is converted to a business crops, a water farm …

"It is recommended that the Management Committee proposes to the Politburo, the Government to regulate the collection of land, to move part of the range of Russian land to Durban, Pomelo , orange … on a security defense base. "said the prime minister.

He also stated that woodland and woodlands need to be renumbered so that Vietnam is at the center of furnace and furnace of the world from woodland. As well as protecting natural woodlands, defense forests, it is necessary to work out to reach 14 million hectares of woodland but it is difficult to go, contributing to agricultural development, people who are living under the wood are tough.

"Lai Chau, Dien Bien, and Dak Nong have woodlands and woodlands, but there is high poverty and deforestation. It is hoped that the furniture of the world will be built from a wood," said the prime minister . He told his story in early November to attend an international festival in China. They say Vietnam furniture.

The head of government stressed the importance of what it is to do. encouraging farmers' self-reliance, as farmers would be unhappy to succeed. Ho Chi Minh President once said that farming is the foundation, the fundamental foundation for our country's development and our rich people, our rich country, successful farming, our country's success, advocated the party's Prime Minister, the state continues to innovate, an awareness in agricultural development, and, Creating success and greater success in agricultural, rural development.

He said that the agricultural economy needs to be deeply embedded, that opportunities and challenges must be clearly identified in the new situation to propose a strategy development guide. "The world is changing, Asia's sales from a retailer is a retailer, so we have to make a comparative advantage." It is a & # 39; The first thing to overcome the problems, The progress of the digital age in agriculture, such as the internet, electronic payment …, which affects its & # 39; poor and poor production, "the Prime Minister emphasized.

The Executive of the Government also said that clean agriculture and organic agriculture need to be developed from local to local level so that people in the world and about 100 million Vietnam people can be securely felt by Vietnamese agricultural products. Male is done. Agriculture also needs to follow the guidance of support materials due to diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, blood pressure, cancer … more and more.

The PM also said that new rural areas need to be coherent and deep, as well as environmental protection, and Provide spiritual values ​​to people's material, which suits each area. South West At present, plans for urbanized urban, urban and urban cities are strongly expanded into urban areas under the rural planning areas.

"It's very important to bring farmers back to their home," he said, a & # 39; mentions the problem of having a & # 39; urban dispersion. Go, a service will appear when improvement planning, "he said.

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