Principal of pension retired at home

On the afternoon of November 27, Dong Nai Police Department worked in collaboration with Hoa City Township (Dong Nai) fieldwork, and the investigation of the cause of death Nguyen Van H. (born in 1957, who was a leading high school principal in Hoa Bien Town) at home.

Police and Police Force to explore the vision

Police and Police Force to explore the vision

According to the original information, 10pm a day, find some smell smells in Mr H.'s house (Area 1, Bu Bu Long, Ho Ho City). to open the door

After that, people talk to Mr. H.'s relatives to break the door, inside that he found that Mr H. had died a long time ago. At the scene, the person suffering from & # 39; lying down, the old man is falling.

Getting news, Hoa Bien Police in conjunction with the Dong Nai Police Criminal Procedures Department to the place, research, investigation of victims' cause of death.

Initially, the authorities noted that there is a car, inside the house, a motor on the ground floor and that there is no disturbance to furniture in the house.

It is known that H. is very simple, with the likelihood of teachers and students. In 2017, he retired and resided alone in the house.

Mr H.'s purpose is under investigation.

Vinh Thuy

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