Puppy Quynh & # 39; The audience is worried about the difficult border

The musicians said that the film is not back when the main character that is associated with the blood of the blood appears in a & # 39; final program.

Onwards What to do Just show some pictures in the last program that will take place on 20/11. The statues are published especially in relation to the relationship between Quynh (Phuong Oanh) and his sick father. After finding out that Quynh's son is a biological son, find his great Quynh. He is worshiping that Quynh lives with her and her; promised her son to return to her.

In a conversation with Dao (Quynh Kool), Quynh advised as if he was to go to # 39; say farewell At the end of the video, Quynh was a & # 39; going in a dog with blood with a knife stomach. At the same time, his schoolmaster's call was great.

Section 28 section

New release of the final program & Quynh dolls & # 39;

This video was immediately released to attract thousands of ideas. Many of the movie fans What to do There is a concern that his / her main character may suffer from his & # 39; a critical end and that he dies in the last program. The program came to a large extent with much misfortune to Quynh when more and more people believe that the hard film is coming to a happy end. "If Quynh is dead, I've never seen such a movie, so it's too fair for the good one," said a Pham Minh audience Thuy. At the same time, some people believe that if you have to live with the highland, Quynh's life is more difficult to die.

What to do There is only one program left but the conflict between the characters is not yet resolved. The life of her friend is still in her & # 39; continues before the accident comes to an end. Editor Kim Ngan, the main episodes of the movie that was shared with the audience, wrote a script for the sequence.

Oanh behind program 28, Quynh dolls. "Data-natural-h =" 511 "data-natural-width =" 680 "src =" https://vcdn-ngoisao.vnecdn.net/2018/11/20 /Resized-5953-1542687636.jpg

Phuong Oanh behind the 28 & Quynh dolls program.

Director of Do Thanh Hai, Director of VFC – film production unit – is also shared Ngoisao.net"Drying is the plan that we are thinking and will be featured in the last program. What to do Re-replacing "Ballpoint pen". The Episode 28 feature also on Landscape but it looks like I can not share it now.

Prior to the query about the character of the situation, director of Do Thanh Hai said: "The re-export of its landscape is just in previous calculations. VFC concluded both broadcasting and making their last program. Observers will respond to the script or turn it on. Audiences are too attentive to characters Comments also help us to & Thinking about reviving scriptures, but instead of letting them appear at the end, I decided to set up a collection of stories to spend time worthy of Earth.

Dong Thanh Binh plays Quùnh's transformer. "Data-natural-h =" 383 "data-natural-width =" 680 "src =" https://vcdn-ngoisao.vnecdn.net/2018/11/20/ Bo-Duong-Resized-3825-1542687636. jpg

Dong Thanh Binh plays Quùnh's transformer.

Previously, program 27 What to do broadcast on 19/11. In this episode, Quynh (Phuong Oanh) was disturbed to My Xuyen's house (Thu Quynh) without knowing his stepfather was already enacted. Stand alone on the face of the sick person, she can not fight back and be inspired. Walking on the way home, she offered up the pebble, and she was overwhelmed at age 17. The boys were so tired and she was tired of to & # 39; decline, hospital.

At the hospital that visited Quynh, Thinh (Hai Anh) was a Chia (Duy Hung) about her situation. Says thinking of saving help by a brother-in-law Vu – something famous in a black-haired society. Prevented over the life of a dead man, I know that I can not fight Vu to & # 39; talk about Quynh and Dao. However, she is going to hear that she talks about Quynh to go to # 39; make her life.

After leaving the hospital, Quynh shouted to Nghia and wanted to thank Thinh. When he came to his house, she met his son, Vu badly, and realized that he was his son. Dancing decided not to meet and go. getting children. He thinks she is not worthy of being a mother and can not give her a good life. At the end of the program, My Wolf published his choice that Quynh was a child. Based on the birth of his son, Quynh, he realized that he was his son and his son; ask the boy.

The unfavorable death of the wolf was killed, & # 39; causing the audience to suffer

The fragments in book 27 & Quynh dolls & # 39;

Episode 27 captures Quynh to end of suffering, pain. During his talk to Lan (Thanh Huong) in the mental hospital, Quynh sobbed and sent him; ask the nobleman to forget what happened. Phuong Oanh's work in this program is very popular, especially the narrative sections, monologues.

Phuong Oanh shared his feelings mixed when they were watching his / her; program. Recalling the situation back to make a 27th program, the woman said that she was the most difficult thing when she was in a while; Quynh plays her talk with Lan in hospital. She and her team spent many hours back and forth just for fear of being scared. "I was crying and crying in despair at noon in the heat of the day, but I continued to cry and I stopped crying because of her & # 39; just a signature. I put my mind up, I needed a bike again, to achieve 5-6 times on the psychological perspective that I made tired and put I'm really stressed. Fortunately, I still have a chance to play well, "Phuong Oanh is dividedSouth Westerly

A Quùnh section said that Lan needs to repeat 5 to 6 hours due to external situation. "Data-natural-h =" 379 "data-natural-width =" 680 "src =" https: // vcdn- ngoisao.vnecdn.net/2018/11/20/Anha-5351-1542687636.jpg

Quynh added the idea that Lan needs to work again 5-6 times due to external situations.

What to do 28 programs, with the artist Mai Hong Phong as director and Kim Ngan as the main script. The content of the film comes from a true story about a victim that has been sold to a "species" type work. This is the first Vietnam TV that will be deeper in the hidden corner of the girl's daughter's life as well as the power to make money on her; female group.

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