Representatives from the National Assembly should not argue together, answer their Minister's News

At its news conference; publishing the results of the sixth session, the reporter questioned the National Party Committee's comments that the Committee of the Parties had a " Lead Public Security Group to write bids to discuss the speeches of Liu Pyongyang's representatives On the 31st October question, he said that the bankruptcy broke out on the survey body very awfully.

In response to the case, Secretary General Nguyen Hanh Phuc stated that he himself Seeing the data that Liu Pyongyan did wrong in.

"Given that the number of letters that are not confirmed 84/87 each other, it is very high. But the fact 84 is divided by 120,141 liters of serious crime," said Phuc.

Mr Puc said that the Chairman of the National Assembly sent two representatives of the questioning session to exchange together to clarify the & # 39; case. Later, the Ministry of Public Security sent a written message to the National Assembly's representative body.

"Here, then, a Working Party group also debates Liu Pyongyang's representative to clarify that content. Liu Pyongyang's representative was also received and then the producer was down the news media translation with the news agencies, "said Nguyen Hanh Phuc.

Newspaper reporter Thanh Nien Question: The Public Security Ministry is an active agency, which is responsible for the & # 39; answer the question but it does not respond directly to the & # 39; conference but praised the National Assembly's Party Committee's recommendation whether it was the principle of a democracy principle of Transport?

Talk to her & # 39; In this case, Secretary General of the National Assembly Nguyen Hanh Phuc said that he was the principle of his question; The members of the National Assembly were questioned by Government members and that Government members are responsible for responding. National Assembly.

"Unfortunately, if the Minister answered exactly, it was normal, but another representative made an argument," said Puc.

According to Phuc, producers may have discussions with each other when they are; discuss economic and social issues and legal issues. But "representatives who argue with each other, there is no response to their minister."

Therefore, the chairman of the National Assembly asked two delegates to meet separately at the time of his / her. The National Assembly's questioning session was debated as a debate.

Mr Puc said that after the documentation of the Ministry of Public Security, the National Assembly's Party has chambered the Board of Directors to work with related parties to delegate Liu Pyongyang to consider data correction. the candidates raised and both sides have clarified the case related to the # 39; this topic.

Earlier, in the morning of the 31st of October, when Deputy Minister for Public Security Tolin, who was questioning, said Deputy Chief of Liu Pyongyang (Ben Tre) said " out of the "search group" and on a series of evidence For its ideas such as 94% of straightforward issues, 86% of delays in making decisions to Ceumannan People, over 99.76% in crime cases, 100% in service. Scotland.

At the beginning of the morning 1.11, the deputy convener Nguyen Huu Cau, director of the district police officer Nghe An, argued with this statement and said, group "on the police." During the debating session, the Chair asked two delegates to consider separately. However, after the break, Nguyen Huu Cau's representative continued to argue that his / her calculations are numbered; representative body is wrong.

Then, on November 5, Lieutenant General General Le Quy Vuong, on behalf of the Standing Committee of the Political Party Committee at his / her; Central Public Security, the name of a document submitted to the National Assembly's Party Committee, and petitioning the chairman of the National Assembly to terminate the content above. to inform the National Assembly and the constituents of the country.

The Party Party Committee also blamed a delegation group; Party Party calls on representatives of Liu Pyongyuan to correct the ideas and evaluations related to the data and without the words, actions express their position. At the same time, there are ways to deal with a break in connection with the speech and evaluation and the situation that causes bad disclosure.

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