Resolution 26-NQ / TW: "Break" to bring credit policy to the poorer people

Major banks put credit policies into agriculture and rural areas

According to data from Victoria Victoria Farmers Association, the implementation of Resolution 26 on "Tam Nông", the move "Farmers make good representation and business, loyalty to help each other to strengthen and reduce sustainable wealth. " has changed how farmers think and work from a & # 39; Small-scale representation to connect to the creation of a high value chain chain and the use of high technology.

Agribank was the base

Agribank's announcement, the Vietnam Socialist Republic, decided to give the Agribank First Level Medal prize at Agribank's 30th anniversary. Photograph: P.V

In the last 10 years (2008 – 2018), on average, the number of farm families across the country that are scheduled to achieve the title of farm families is good at all levels over 6.2 million households, accounting for 38.8% of total rural households. Over 3.55 million farm families received the title, accounting for 57.2% of registered households. Each year, more than 27,000 farm families earn more than 1 billion VND. It is a consensus to be & # 39; achieving this product, contributing to the entire political system, farmers, the efforts of the entire banking sector in doing so; capitalizing and delivering services to the "Tam Nong" "

As a commercial bank related to the "Tam farm" purpose from the first institution, aware that Legislation 26 is a complete and complete solution to solve the problem of agriculture, farmers, rural areas of our country. So far, Agribank is always focusing on her & # 39; A key role in implementing its & # 39; Agricultural and Agricultural Development Credit Policy. Order No. 41/2010 / ND-CP, 55/2015 / ND-CP Deposit) and other policy credit programs.

With a total of 1.2 trillion dong, capital was transferred to 1.1 trillion dong. Credit and investment 1.12 trillion dong, Agribank agricultural and rural loans reached 73.6 per cent and 51 per cent of the total credit market share. "Tam farm".

Agribank is currently implementing 9 policy credit programs such as: Loans for new rural build; loans for cattle and hens; Loans for refurbished coffee; 67 Deprived loans on several fishing development policies; In addition, Agribank has delivered over 200 relevant banking, and actively contributing to, non-cash pay market, increasing Access to banking services for the economy, especially in agriculture and rural areas.

Acknowledging the importance of & # 39; Agribank gave over in the 30-year development, the President of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam decided to award the First Agribank Labor Medal for special performances in work, and build on the purpose of construction. socialization and national protection.

At its 30th anniversary of its establishment (26 March, 26 March – 1818), Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc Agribank praised his highly successful performances in recent years. Agribank has made progress in loan for economic development of housing, macroeconomic sustainability, especially agricultural development, farmers and rural areas.

By installing "tam farm"

In order to meet people's demand, Agribank has many practical activities in close cooperation with the Department of Economic Development and Rural Development; New Rural Coordination Offices at all levels; Farmers Association, Women's Union and many other political groups in the country to cooperate in providing commercial credits and trust funds from rural and foreign organizations for the development of "Tam Nông" new country building.

In 2018, Agribank has a "2016-2020 Business Strategy Project, in relation to the reconstruction of Stage 2". Thanks to its safe and effective business, Agribank's taxpayer profit has gradually expanded over the years (2016 to VND 4,212 billion, VND 5,018 billion in 2017 and VND 6,000 billion in & # 39; first ten months). For two years after each other (2016 and 2017), Agribank is listed on the list of the top 20 taxpayers in the country.

In particular for the construction of the national target program for new rural areas in the period 2016-2020, Agribank is still connected to, and its. going together, from the early days confirmed by his Prime Minister. Specific numbers have been confirmed. Starting in 2011, 11 pilot committees were selected to determine the new rural model, with original loans of VND336 billion and 8,283 customers; On 30/9/2018, Agribank has implemented loans in 100% of companies in the country (in 9,001 societies) under the program for the construction of new rural areas with loans available over 400,000 trillion, serving almost 3 million guests. Product.

In addition to capital delivery, Agribank will have a & # 39; Focusing on the development of diversified and diverse products and services that are constantly updated and adapted to the environment, conditions and people in rural areas. To create favorable situations for people and enterprises to access bank capital, focus on loan, ensuring safety and investment credit efficiency.

Despite being a competitor in a & # 39; Moving capital under market equipment, agriculture, farmers and rural areas are always dependent on Agribank's optional lending rate lower than others with 1-2%. Every year, with its finances, Agribank is still spending billions of VND to support the # 39; Low loans for priority benefits in agricultural production. Agribank has many exciting rates for small and medium-sized enterprises and agricultural representatives, even with lower levels of interest than capital expenditure within Agribank. At the same time, funding to build on hundreds of schools, clinics, thousands of houses are grateful for policy offers, poor homes throughout the country from the benefits fund and the contribution of staff in the entire system. the system.

As the center of belief, Agribank has made a significant contribution to the success of its new rural development program, Promoting representation and business, problem solving, restructuring staff, People's life development in rural areas.

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