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Revealing the magic skill of a famous Neeko League of Perry – The Ham of Chemist Theorem

What a magic wizard is when you can change all the relationships to their map, but you're not happy because Neeko is not easy to play as you think.

Recently, after a long period of protection, Riot Games have allowed the 142th general named Neeko to create friendship to give the enemy a fool as a lizard tool.

As Vastaya's monster has become extinct, Neeko looks at the world with open eyes and curiosity unfinished. She is always looking for something new to turn in. It does not look dangerous at first, but watch out! Le Neeko, things are never like the same.

Skills information

International: HUYEN PHOTO

Neeko covered as a friendship. Affecting damage from enemy heroes, & # 39; using Graffiti or Spin-off to hide & disable; increase this spell.


Neeko will throw the seed into the area named. Seeds try to spoil enemies. If you hit an enemy or harm a monster / monster, burst at least two more times.


Depression: Each of the three attacks has spiritual strength, which treats magic damage and increases the distance of Neeko's motion in film.

Activation: It is getting further afield, and & # 39; Invisible growth, gaining speed of movement and its; Creating a mobile copy in the guidelines set out.


Neeko throws spiritual magic in one side, manipulate damage and throw the enemy's foot through a movie. The enemy is eventually tied. If Tactical Twist hit at least two enemies, it will increase the size, speed and time.

Neeko strengthens spiritual strength. A minute later, she'll jump up to the air, and # 39; get shield and run down close enemies. When she comes ashore, she is causing a lot of damage and she is oppose enemies in the area. When the conversation is with the Conversation, the Neeko enemy will not see it; put on energy.


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