Ron Myanmar vs Vietnam match: Beware Myanmar people

Compared to Thailand, Indonesia or Malaysia, Myanmar is still regarded as Vietnam's "raid" at the AFF Cup. But for this reason the red shirts were not allowed to do their own.

From your favorite raids in the past …

In fact, in the group of teams that have been over the AFF Cup, Myanmar is the only ever Vietnamese team. In five previous decisions in a regional playground, Vietnam's football is in the midst of indirect effects with four virtues and one draw against Myanmar.

Most of the red shirts were white before the white eagles in the AFF Cup in 2010. Then with the situation of the camps, the Calisto coach teacher has gone on and off. lost a member to the Myanmar team to win. Final win 7-1.

Before the Myanmar vs Vietnam Carefully Myanmar image
Vietnam plays more distinctive in Myanmar

Anh Duc and Trong Hoang were getting twice this game. Two surviving witnesses are still from the huge benefits that still play at the AAF Cup 201.

At the same time Vietnam Fine wants to lose points against Myanmar in the AFF Cup 2012 band after a 1-1 appeal. This is also a competition where Phone Vietnam was not fulfilled under the direction of Pan Thanh Hung coach coach when he was sent out of his first visit.

In 2016, Vietnam also opposed Myanmar again with a 2-1 victory over the Red Army. Cong Vinh and Van Quyet succeeded two goals in this game while & # 39; as he was the scout cut to Myanmar as a talented young director Aung Thu.

Speaking to talk, Vietnam's aim Telephony in the next game is very big. However, with a constant surprise this year when many of the weakest teams have come to the goals against strong teams, Vietnam Telephony will not be able to commit and make any mistakes. for the opponent.


… to the enemy now

Prior to Vietnam's game, Myanmar is ahead of her. board A with 6 points after two dark darknesses opposed both weakest enemies in the Laos Group and Cambodia.

In the first game, teacher of Antoine Hey's teacher met the Tel Aviv 4-1 stream. Arriving on a trip to Laos, follow the team called the & # 39; White Eagles & # 39; first half in the first half and it was a & n; struggle for a 3-1 victory.

Before the Battle of Myanmar vs Vietnam Image Carefully Buried 2
Myanmar is a very spectacular 2011 AFF Cup

Although they are not able to assess the strength of the Myanmar team because they are just the weak team, but as they feel Bongda24h, this is a great team that has the potential to benefit well.

In the seven goals from the start of the competition, five came from behind, hitting and catching errors of front protection. Therefore, Vietnamese defense can not focus its loss in the future Thuwuna.

Once in a while, the opposition to the attack, strength, distance from the edge and the ability to take advantage of the team's armor's ability to be led by former Schalke 04 player, Antoine Hey was punished by a shirt arm Red.

Not only does he make a good use of the ability to finish quickly, the Myanmar people also have a " benefit two pieces of attack. Maung Maung Lwin and Si Thu Aung 's "two-page" portfolio hold the "White Angels" easily changed between diagram 4-4-2 (meeting with Cambodia) and 4-3-3 (meeting Laos) ).

Vegetarian food is Myanmar
Myanmar has a very good confidence

Maung Maung Lwin and Si Thu Aung are not the players with so many players, but because of their pace and sustainability, they can both make great pressure in the wings.

Trong Hoang is just challenging to protect while Van Hau has a & # 39; attacking him. So, if it's not cautious, the hospitality is likely to allow us.

In the next game, Park Hang is sure to have the right decision. Here's a Vietnam Phone coach to control the captain's activities to fly Myanmar, but at the same time the players were not open The media chips in & # 39; middle, to & # 39; help Aung Thu's deadly mind to talk.

Once this is done, Vietnam will score 3 points in the next game.

Note: Myanmar 4-1 Cambodia

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