Ronaldo gives time to marry a beautiful woman; selling Sportswear

For a week ago, due to the lack of playing for Portugal, Cristiano Ronaldo gave his lover from Georgina Rodriguez to London. Here, Georgina Rodriguez made a 34-year high star star. The Spaniards put their clothes off. Georgina Rodriguez was captured with expensive expensive girls for £ 1.21m, according to Correio da Manha.

Shortly after his recommendation from Georgina Rodriguez, Ronaldo planned to prepare for the moment's wedding. In particular, he will marry in Italy and at the end of this year. Details of the Princess Star dress wedding have not been published significantly, but surely it will be aligned to the side of the Lionel Messi wedding.

The relationship between Ronaldo and Georgina is like a modern fairy tale. Georgina was not a model or an actor when he first met Ronaldo. At the time, she was not just a costume dealer at the Gucci shop.

However, this beautiful 24 girl changed Ronaldo's husband and became a family member. Georgina also Ronaldo was highly entertained when he was constantly protecting CR7 protection in a crime case in the United States and his & her; come to him with real feelings, not for money or luxuries.

Cristiano has suggested that Gio (Georgina) and her wedding will be happening in Italy at the end of the year. But so far the information is still very small. Georgina is beginning to try a wedding pudding, "source came from the family Cristiano Ronaldo Correio da Manha.

Ronaldo has been with her for two years and has a daughter, Alana Martina.

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