Ronaldo is pressed, Juventus is still involved in winning the C1 Cup Arsenal

Tuesday, 11/20/2018 05:05 AM (GMT + 7)

Juventus is keen to get a big star from the English Premier League in January this year, although their team still runs smoothly when Cristiano Ronaldo has made "expensive" pieces.

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Juventus The most popular team in Europe in the 2018/19 season. They did not expect each tour in Serie A (11th, 1st Shield), second over the Napoli board to 6 points. In the European League, although the opposition group H is not easy to play as Manchester United or Valencia and just lost the "Reds" 1-2 in Turin but an "old woman" is still on Start the table after 4 walks.

Ronaldo is pressed, Juventus is still involved in winning the C1 - 1 Cup Arsenal

Ronaldo is flying high with Juventus

Increasingly contribute to success I swear This season is the most expensive history of their history – Cristiano Ronaldo. The 34-year-old Portugal has given nine goals and has 5 consecutive entries in 15 games for "Bianconeri" this season in Serie A and the European League.

at least I swear has increased in the large range with Ronaldo's appearance, but they still care to take all other big Allianz stars in the winter movement time in January 2019.

According to The Sun, there is a set of Series A Aaron Ramsey cows. The six-star Welsh star shows in the English Premier League this season and Uni Emery has not been successful at Emirates instead of Arsene Wenger's "Gunnairean".

Ramsey writes his contract; He is currently at the end of the season but he attempts to go to the season; his contract with Arsenal following a recommendation from the director of his club in September. According to The Sun, in an attempt to raise For Juve, the 21-year-old Sad League League will win, Juve is ready for those who are 27 years old.

In particular, Juve is ready to pay a £ 200,000 weekly salary to Ramsey, Costs a pre-tax prepayment fee of up to £ 40m to prove that Arsenal will leave when the game is about 8 months a month with Emirates Stadium.

Ronaldo is pressed, Juventus is still keen to drag Arsenal to her. Sucks C1-2

Juventus prefers Ramsey mid player (right)

In order for Ramsey to lose summer next year, the Emery team may be selling it in January next year. Bayern Munich's researchers are said to have continued halfway in the home 1-1 draw to Denmark on November 17 in the League of Nations Nations.

In addition to Juve and Bayern, AS Roma is also keen to have Ramsey, but the limited financial capabilities will make the Wolves take off the tariff target. Mid Wales player Juve or Bayern can be chosen as a new touring place as he can help him to suit the European League.

Pogba plans to scratch the

Pogba looks to "run away" from the MU to return to Italy in the old team.

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