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Tuesday, 2 April, 2019 00:03 AM (GMT + 7)

Football news update April 2: The Allegri Cozy reveals the shocking situation of Ronaldo and the Juventus fans. Also includes other information.

Ronaldo's hurt is very complicated: t "Ronaldo is working hard to get back in the past, we hope it is ready for the Ajax match (the seasonal League of Champions season) but that is unlikely. his legs were better but we still need time to keep track of the symptoms, there are still another 9 days, so we have time for an assessment, ”said the Coach Allegri.

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Ronaldo accepts about 3-4 matches

Herrera appeared in CBD? Herrera decided that he would leave Manchester United for being involved in the CBD after this season, according to sources from the Times' renowned journalist Duncan Castles. The girl signed the 29-year memorandum of understanding with the team of Principality Park, with a term of approximately 3 years. While at MU, 187 appeared at Herrera and sent 20 goals.

There are still three difficult cases in Liverpool: “Liverpool has overcome the problems of Tottenham, but they still have difficulty playing. I think it was not a game against Chelsea, but Liverpool worked hard in Cardiff, Southampton and Newcastle. All three teams I have named need to end up in total, and playing with such clubs is always dangerous, "said Gary Neville.

Buffon was praised for Neymar and Mbappe: “I played with many athletes and I always wanted to challenge myself with the best people, including it. In fact, there are such people in PSG, Kylian Mbappe and Neymar who are the same generation. Ronaldo, Neymar and Mbappe have a natural talent for football and can have a huge impact on the football world for the next decade.

Arsenal will play in April: “The confidence in the players is great but there are big challenges for all of the coming games. Together we will be stronger. We have a unique opportunity to take part in the Champions League next season. So insecure that the team achieve sustainability, "said Emery.

HOT photo of dark football 1/4: UEFA will not leave PSG alone

UEFA expects to extend their research to a PSG transfer approach.

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