Running back on the bridge, two daughters were killed

According to Dong Thap's policemen, Cao Lanh (Tinh Thoi commune, Cao Lanh, Dong Thap province), crashed at about 22 hours 15 minutes on 19-11.

At that time, Nguyen Thi Thu H. (aged 20, is living in the Lap Vo area, Dong Thap province). motor drive by Nguyen Thi Kim T. (age 20, living in Ben Tre province) Road (from Lap Lo to Cao Lanh town).

On the other side of the bridge, two daughters were killed - Picture 1.

The view was running on the other, causing the two daughters to die. Photograph: Dong Thap Police

At this time, the truck was moved by the driver Thanh Van Lake (aged 45, living in the Cho Gao area, Tien Giang division) for driving (from Cao Lanh to Lap Vo).

The accident caused two girls to have a motorcycle to die instead.

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