Saigon Heat upstream dramatically


Guide to & # 39; The first half matches 68-60 in the first two matches, the island team has shown a good show. However, coming into the third, with the right direction from the coach of the Julius Julius with a great audience interest, the Vietnam club won the game back. Trevon Hughes swelled 13 points, 2 replies and 4 tectonic.

South Asian Asian professional basketball ball 2018-2019: Saigon Heat up the dramatic stream - Picture 1.

The 13th heat of Murphy Burnatowski won the 82-80 final at the final

In the last game, Justin Young's hero helped Saigon Heat to " making a dramatic backup when he got 2 points at the last minute, and # 39; final impact 82-80 for Saigon Heat.

At its meeting on November 25, Saigon Heat will continue to & # 39; Play in the CIS and the Black Bears Against November 25.

Picture: Q.Liem

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