Saigon Heat won the drama on ABL 2018 – 2019

Vietnam's representative will meet the Indonesian CLS knights in late 18/11. This is the team that Heat has won in three campaigns in the season. However, this season, the staff of both teams have been changing. In the first two entrances, Brandon Jawato and Montay Brandon lead the purple shirts to the 51-38 steering. I can not help but mention Maxie Esho. The old heat has returned to the CIS stadium with confidence. In comparison, Saigon's heat players have many problems in their circulation.

Half going to & # 39; game, the Julius coach changed the tactics, to protect Trayvon Hughes to keep the ball even more. He was well supported by the team and carved 29 points, 9 concepts, 5 tectonic games in this game. On the verge of the border, the drama was pushed above when Murray Burnatowski and Trayvon Hughes had to leave the field for five mistakes, and Knights CLS will be able to do so; Another time is needed on the height of the line to a score.

The game was so exciting when just 14 seconds left, Justin Young played the ball and the progress, the fragment in a difficult letter to his / her player; come into the basket in the audience's break. The rest of the 3 seconds time is, CLS knights are not changing the results of their & # 39; game. Although Saigon Heat's struggle was very difficult, and # 39; first advantage in the ABL season.

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