Sao Barca will play all night, lie to stomach pain. Picture of the side

The deafness of those who are unfamiliar with Ousmane Dembele injuries and gradually put the French star out of Barca.

Sao Barca will play all night, lie to stomach pain

Page AS Ousmane Dembele has recently invited friends to play games all night last Wednesday last year and then they forgot to organize the fright. This caused the French star to lose the republic. He asked why he did not appear at the rehearsal, Dembele said he was "stomach pain".

When a boat doctor at Dembele visited the house, the results suggested that the French was "completely restored". This is not the first time Dembele has come long or not training in Barcelona.

Dembele was present from Barça's pre-accounts on a "stomach" day. It is said that the Barca administration can not contact Dembele. Only when the training session lasts 1 1/2 hours, the French player must know before the reason for appointing the absence.

A few days ago, the page March Dembele's proprietor, Dortmund, was attacking a French counterpart for a case where the house was in a bad format.

"The whole house is full of rubbish." In a puppy there was a lot of stone food on the floor with old plastic pockets. cheated, "said the owner, Gerd Weissenberg, who is 71 years old.

In the complaint recorded by the Dortmund First Court as well as the page Bild (Germany), who was a proprietor of the house where Dembele was in. Barca players use more than 20,000 people with an interest.

Spanish newspapers say Barca is tired of Dembele's unnatural. Page Sport Barca says that the owners of Campa Nou are willing to hear the offer for Dembele. It's 100 million euros that Barca wants to go to; look forward.

Dembele came to Barca in the 2017 summer movement contract for € 105 million from Borussia Dortmund. The French is considered to be a new place to move the new Neymar to PSG for a price of 222 million previously.

For almost half a year in Barca, Dembele has not left many marks. He played 38 matches for Barça and made 10 visits and 10 support.

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