SAO Napoli officially launched in China-24h football

Tuesday, 19 February, 2019 06:05 AM (GMT + 7)

HOT football news magazine February 19: Sail of Naples officially landed in China. Ryan Giggs will support Solskjaer. There are also other specific information.

SAO Napoli officially landed in China. On the main page, the Dalian Yifang club confirmed that its # a procedure to raise Marek Hamsik from Naples. The tariff tax was not published but in accordance with Italian media, the Chinese team paid 20,000 euros of Naples. The Soviet parcel signed a three-year contract name and earned a 9 million euro / quarter salary.

HOT 19/2 football match: officially landed Naples SAO in China - 1


Ryan Giggs will support Solskjaer. After Paul Scholes, Ryan Giggs has spoken to support Solskjaer to manage Mu. According to a Welsh coach, Solskjaer is talented enough to be an official Red Devils coach.

Ballet changed instead of his wedding. The Mirror said, to ensure the safety of her wedding with her long-loved girlfriend Emma Rhys-Jones this summer, marriage to a secret island, employing military security forces. to the teeth to protect my happy day.

Arsene Wenger agrees that he will reject Real Madrid. In yesterday's statement, "Professor" said he refused to run Real Madrid and left the ability to become a "White Vulture" coach in the future.

Very missed, Marcelo took responsibility. Social networking has been severely criticized for making mistakes affecting Girona and Girona and many failures from the beginning of the season. The abusive defender took up the mistake and made a promise that it would improve its performance.

Super U22 VN is edited

As well as the growth of U22 players in Vietnam, the efforts have come from Chooc Quoc Tuan.

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