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Talk to Tien Phong today, Dr. Nguyen Duy Long, the center of emergency center Center 115 in City HCM, at 8 o'clock the unit got a crisis line of emergency; Wounded students at Huynh Van Banh Primary School Afterwards, the Center has put forward two carriages and many doctors to the rescue scene.

According to Dr. Long, the emergency situation at Binh Chanh has the emergency department, and the center is co-ordinated with active units to provide rescue; wounded students. "Many wounded students have been taken to Binh Chanh Hospital, Cho Ray's Hospital and a Child Emergency Hospital," said Long.

At the same time, Mr Nguyen Tri Dung, Binh Chanh's Head of Education and Training, confirmed him Pioneer A scaffold has dropped into Huynh Van Banh Primary School children in the service on November 20. Mr Dung said strong wind was blown through the service when the scaffold fell. "The accident caused many children to be injured, including 3 severely injured children to Cho Ray's hospital for a cure," said Dung, and said he also a & # 39; The Education Department directs to the Hospital Visiting the Children's Hospital.

Mar Pioneer On November 20th, Huynh Van Banh Vietnamese Day of Teachers celebrated on November 20. Many students, teachers and parents were present. The event was caused by the sudden construction of the platform and # 39; falling due to the fact that many students were injured. The case is under review.

Uyen Phuong – Nguyen Dung

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