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On this morning, 20.11, the Phu Tho Public Panel court questioned a defense guardian Nguyen Thanh Hoa, who was a Senior General Manager, who was a director of the Crime Crime Bureau. using high technology (Q50).

In this case, he was asked to have a & # 39; adversely affecting the state of power as long as he was on duty.

When asked about the relationship with the main defense in the case – Nguyen Van Duong, who was chairman of the CNC, and Phan Van Vinh, who was the head of the General Department, Police, indicating that Hoa was familiar with Duong's defender from 2010 and Yang is known as a well-affiliated with the police. For Mr Phan Van Vinh, the accused was aware of this one after having been appointed General Director of the Police Department.

Responding to the questions that were & # 39; buy on what the CNC recommended to face face, who was alleged to be called Deputy Minister Pham Quy Ngo (who died) said "to make his grandson"

According to the person who defends Hoa, because he did not; His nephew can do the job, Ngo continued to include Nguyen Van Duong, and then chaired UDIC. After this, the defendant continued to meet Mr Ngo, Mr Vinh and Nguyen Van Duong at the 40 Hang Bai headquarters and it was suggested that his / her / submit the company to the top for approval.

"This time, I learned that the C50 was established as a defense company," said the defendant and said he met a meeting with the staff to find out about the rules for the type of business. The accused person often reports that the high-tech political uniform at that time was not available, so he told his suppositions for consultations.

In response to the Panel, Hoa was the accused person who signed up his recommendation to Phan Van Vinh who set up his & her; company. Then, Mr Hoa signed the proposal with a content content 20% contribution and the C50 was submitted by CNC. In agreement on the capital grant and recruitment of participants at 10.10.2011, defendant Nguyen Thanh Hoa said the place's memorandum was in agreement with nature.

"20% of the profits agree to the agreement that sets out the C50, until the police will be investigated, can the C50 share the profits?" In response to this question, defendant Hoa said that the agreement was not followed. No impact should be given.

"I have told Vinh, I can not make any decision on CNC as a face company, there is no economic relationship with what this is," replied the defendant, and said the town There is no text that a & nbsp; response or CNC work management.

"So why in 2017, did the security guard put the text on praising the defendant's faithful recommendation to protect the CNC?", Responding to his / her; This question, the defendant Hoa said that his case was related to Mr Vo Tuan Dung, Deputy Director C50. However, he was lost.

Mr Hoa also said, because the enthusiasm did not know the defendant Nguyen Van Duong. Cited on the subject, Duong's defense responded: "I respect Mr Hoa's presentation but it is not suited to ask for his / her correct or correct sentence review the file. "

Holding & # 39; stated, defendant Nguyen Thanh Hoa, from 2012 to the vacancy The Director of C50 has received many reports from CNC, but he does not respond. When asked about the rental of CNC to a higher level No. 10 of C50, Ho Chi Minh City, Ho Chi Minh City, the secretary received a written statement from Duong and the Politburo of Logistics, and confirmed the action. in accordance with the regulations.

Nguyen Thanh Hoa refused to have a work room that hangs his name at CNC

[VIDEO] Defender Nguyen Thanh Hoa spoke about his name at 10 Ho Chi Minh

The guardian refused to have a marine office at Àir. 10 Ho Chi Minh called Nguyen Thanh Hoa, Director C50. Immediately, the chairperson asked the person who, Yang asked, Yang said: "The survey body has confirmed that the content of my company's employees is asking me to confirm. After the hanging of the sea, Mr Hoa says that a company needs to make it confidential.

The chairman asked the person who had deferred Hoa about Duong's statement, and the defendant replied: "This is a small room, I have no reason to work to solve scared, I do not know what a room and a board name ".

With the actions and actions assigned by the Ministry of Public Security to prevent high tech crime, Nguyen Thanh Hoa did not carry out his duties correctly, but he asked his subscribers to prepare documents . and advised Phan Van Vinh, who was Chief Executive of the General Department of Police.

Decision 158 / QD-C41 (C50) dated 14 May 2015 on corporate establishment under the Serum of Serious Crime and High Tech Crime Conversation (CNC Company), Against Decision Determination; Business Minister Security and guidance from the Ministry of Public Security heads, and directors who propose a General Department; Police for CNC Company appointed to main office No. 10 Ho Thi Thu, Dong Da, Hanoi is preserved by the General Department of its Department; Police, creating barriers to sub-groups or organizations to coordinate Nguyen Van Duong's production and its performance.

I know CNC companies do not play gambling; blocking and handling but also a & # 39; advising and sending documents to create favorable situations for organizing gambling, and # cover into the professional bureau. High tech crime prevention is proven, handled.

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