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On November 20th, Secretary General of the National Assembly Nguyen Hanh Phuc was the president of his newspaper conference; publish the results of the final session of the National Assembly. At its news conference, many reporters questioned it; case related to the debate between the two president Liu Pyongyang and the Nguyen Huu bridge at his quest.

In this regard, Secretary General of the National Assembly, Nguyen Hanh Phuc, said the Deputy PM, Liu Pyongyang, asked the Minister for Security at Public, at the questioning session, but then Nguyen Huu Bridge deputy argued again. According to the survey, Mr Puc said, Liu Pyong's National Liquid data was not correct. The Chairman of the National Assembly has arranged two representatives to exchange each other, but after that, the Central Public Security Committee has written to the representative of the Party of the National Assembly.

Later on, Delegation's agency changed the views of the National Assembly of Nations, Liu Pyongyang, the People's Federation for Democracy and the National Assembly of Liu Pyongyang. in exchange for reporters (Reporter).

Follow PV to question, the Ministry of Public Security is a " An active group, but has not been debated directly to the National Assembly to write out whether the emphasis is to break the principle of democracy?

The Secretary General of the National Assembly has emphasized the question that his question is; in the messages of National Assembly representatives. "Unfortunately, if the Minister responded promptly, another representative raised his arguments," said Puc, saying that the principle of questioning was that the National Assembly would ask questions. Interviewees with government members and members of the Government are responsible for responding, but the participants have the right to debate each other when they are in a position; participating in economic and social issues and issues.

"Representatives are not right for a response to their minister." So, when Liu Pyongyang's representative wanted to debate again, The president asked two representatives to meet separately at the time of their dismissal, debate. at the quiz session.

After the Ministry of Public Security wrote documents, the National Party Committee's Committee called the Petitions Committee to work with stakeholders to consider the data's accuracy of the agents that their representatives have. give and illustrate both sides. related issues.

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The Ministry of Public Security will talk about the ideas of Producer Liu Pyong

Following the views of the National Assembly Member Liu Pyongyang: "Avoiding their survey body is very awful, unacceptable to the 94% report case, late to co- Determination 86%, data handling provided 99.76%, 100% service breakdown … ", Public Security Ministry officially announced on 5/11.

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Liu Pyongyang MEP: Tien Phong is a multi-dimensional perspective

I have a great interest in several Tien Phong articles to reflect on state management activities as well as economic activity. In particular, a series of Tien Phong articles associated with the BOT traffic range is invaluable, Tien Phong has given a multi-homosexual vision for consumers and civil servants who are involved in addition to initiatives. Investing activities in this form.

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BP Liu Pyongyang: A magazine is a wildlife calendar, in detail the way forward

"As a local officer, he must also be responsible for advocating, advocating and distributing legal education for the successful execution of people. The penalties such as the period of time displaying people of the enemy's nature , promoting the way forward, "National Assembly Liu Pyongyuan, Standing Committee Member on Case QH will talk to PV before the status of offenders' penalties as in Hai Duong, last of Hanoi.

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