Shared co-workers because the "knife is unfilial", "big picture" Phi Thanh Van "with a new look?

Having criticized the illusion in a "sparkling" rather than a & # 39; turning into a completely different way, it is unrequited, Phi Thanh Van's fear is not afraid to pull his co-workers and cut his long hair.

Phi Thanh Van is one of the most beautiful people who make sound about the most beautiful Vietnamese festival. He is only willing to spend thousands of deities for wealth, and has suffered 15 times a "painter" for 16 years. However, she did not hide herself openly and was very comfortable, means that the fans would even be more likely to speak.

Recently, on a television program, Phi Thanh Van who has co-operators hand-in-hand "stroke" has faced the causes to abandon her without her plastic device. In particular, when the party was not in a position by Pham Yen's young actors, Phi Thanh Van would be back to anger for a while; The word "Queen Cutlass" is regarded as "artificial, artificial beauty"

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To return this criticism, the "Queen's confidence" is encouraging to confirm money, with the right gold. Although its beauty is still up and down "handsome", the beauty of Phi Thanh Van in this program is still considered for its growth.

Do not settle down, Pham Yen then "talk to" ego Phi Thanh Van when he said that the "knife" of Phi Thanh Van is unavoidable, and breaks thank your parents. "The spoons that overflow water," Phi Thanh Van does not go to; forget to be slap on colleagues even though they are acting …

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It's a philosophy to do & # 39; The slap of the slap was linked to her friend's beautiful girl: "A slap is a slap for life, you should be awake, unless you look up and know me in a & # 39; wood where it is ". This answer made the whole room without an uprising.

However, this has not been surprising at the new scene of beautiful people recently, especially after the show. After 16 years of continuous knife cutting, think that Phi Thanh Van arrives in the beautiful doorstep, this new image is regrettable. the public.

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Leaving long long hair at one time, Phi Thanh Van was a worrying new and new hair styles. However, everything in the picture does not appear to be the "first round" that is not as strong as the # 39; first knife cut ".

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With her "horrible" horrible ", thanks to the threads, I prefer Phi Thanh Van to" make hard democracy. However, it seems that this is multi-shaped when many think that this image is a? making "Queen's delight" hard to be beautiful.

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Compared to the previous image in the & # 39; program "peer co-workers", Phi Thanh Van's body looks more "sight" and more attractive.

It can be seen, Phi Thanh Van's design problems have never been a stop. Just before the day, beautiful people were "posted" because of the difference between self-design and construction.

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Thanks to photoshop, slippery face and fresh, rough and rough skin of Phi Thanh Van will not be surprised.

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The next thing, the strange theme is the main theme of this photograph.

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And if you think it's gone away, Phi Thanh Van appeared at the event with the third round of such a prize.

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