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SHB raised levels of interest up to 7.8% per annum

(Justice) – At 25 years of establishment, from 20/11/2018 to 30/11/2018, Saigon changed – Hanoi Bank (SHB) level of interest of VND savings up to 7.8% annually by kind of degree saving level.

So, for the 6-11 month period, SHB savings customers with an investment of less than 2 billion; enjoying a level of prediction of prophecy of 7.4% annually; from 2 billion – below 5 billion and from 5 billion and higher than 7.5% and 7.6% per annum. For a term of 12 months or more, the interest rate applicable to investments is less than 2 billion by 7.6% per annum; from 2 billion – under 5 billion 7.7% per annum and from 5 billion or more 7.8% per annum. Compared to the previous interest rates timetable, SHB decided levels of interest up to 0.6% annually. The program is used at every trading point across the country.

SHB raised levels of interest up to 7.8% per annum

As well as increasing levels of interest in attracting customers for long-term and long-term money, SHB raised levels of interest for short terms of less than 6 months. In particular, from 13 October, SHB growth 0.1% per annum to & # 39; apply to all types of dong deposit arrangements for thermal deposits from 3-5 months. On the market, SHB is among the largest banks in terms of investment levels. In addition, with the strength of a network of over 500 business and business coverage points and customer service quality, SHB is one of the leading banks in the & attract large market investments. residential school.

SHB raised levels of interest up to 7.8% per annum

General Director of SHB – Mr Nguyen Van Le said: "Demand for capital buyers has gradually expanded in the last few months of the year, not just for businesses, but also individual customers Also for a loan to buy houses, cars, and pepper So, SHB has made a wealthy comparative capital resource to provide and deliver more capital opportunities in addition. In addition, the 10 day program of happiness for Thanks to customers who always trust, support and use the SHB services. In addition to the ruling interest campaigns, SHB has been on & # 39 ; strive to make simple procedures to help customers to access banking services quickly, easily and efficiently. "

At the same time, SHB launched many programs for the 25th anniversary of its establishment, including the "Michael Gift Gratitude" with a chance to win 25 Honda Vision cars every month, a total gift value up to 10 billion ; "A link to wealth" with a & # 39; The highest value of up to 50 million VND for SHB sales customers from here to 30/11/2018. The program "Introduce the good thing – Encourage inspiration" – offering interest levels up to 0.15% per annum for users who successfully successfully convert successful customers to save savings at SHB.

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