"Signs may need more" – VnEconomy to be collected

VnEconomy introduced the investment proposals and recommendations of some security companies on market performance on November 22,

Opposition of the session alternated on November 21, VN-Index 1.86 points lost to 924.42 points. At the same time, the HNX-Index received 0.65 points to 104.55 points.

Continue to go up next session

(Bao Viet Guarantee Sharing Company Company – BVSC)

"VnIndex seems to be going up in the next trading session, however, it is expected to have a different split of its market and possibly charitable chains , changing the session. "

The high clarity should be taken into account

(Bank for Vietnam Investment and Development – BSC)

"Parts of Vinaconex have branches of SCIC owned, the results of An Quy Hung Co., Ltd. that won the 28,900 dong application for each department, exceeded the price of the door in session 18,500.

In the opinion of the BSC, the market grew slightly but foreigners were still in a position; retailers sold nets and there was still a low cost. BSC offers proprietors' recommendation to & # 39; Take risks in high volumes of liquidity to be able to easily deal with future market movements. "

Signs may need more

(FPT Trust Joint Share Stock Company – FPTS)

"With a series of sessions rising up after 05, the VN-Index has returned to the top of a range of short-term oscillator range from 890 to 930. However, we do not value the trade marks of the -diugh because the index is near As a flat change during trading time.

The money that flows from domestic investors was still weak and did not spread, trade and focusing on just a few groups of stocks and which had a huge impact on the population that had been in a position; big spending. If this situation persists, the chance to overwrite its & # 39; low mountain and may need to collect marks.

Factors outside the stadium will result from the US market; coming into the liberation season. However, the accessibility of recent rates and exchange rates must be considered when they open new trading functions. Trading activities to reduce capital cost may be effective if the change is made.

There should be a risk management at this stage

(Viet Sec Securities Corporation – VDSC)

"The two indexes are in reverse but the signal is not enough to confirm the market is opening its middle-time course, but there is a division between stocks and some stocks. Returns are not entirely dependent on the overall index. Capital investors can take stock that has fallen deeply and have been over the past but they should manage a risk in this period. "

Demonstration may be at 918

(Vietnamese VCSC Trust Share Stock Company)

"Short technical terms are still good for VN-Index, VN30 and HNX-Index, with the nearest minimum level of support created by the average 95 point MA5 course, 888 points and, however, the pattern is not A strong raid that was created by the "Three white soldiers" candle or the double pattern of the VN-Index is still confirmed.

Deleted on 23/11, the market may appear to decline to VN-Index with a MA5 test at 918 points before returning to determine the 925-930 service range -exist.

The technical features in the session today have not improved better compared to the previous session, so investors are still running on. average proportion in time list. Increase stress should be considered when the VN-Index is broken out of its & # 39; A barrier named above with more liquidity.

Take advantage of the short "surf"

(Vietcombank Tarantasan Company – VCBS)

"The VN website hosted the level of application for most of the day before it gave a little benefit to its head, this is just the fourth day of benefits, but in total poverty There is no important development.

In recent sessions, VN-Index began to grow with the gradual area surrounded by low-income but stable. However, we believe we need more advanced information before we can expect a short-term rally in the market.

We look at the situation that keeps the index menu to; going on in the future sessions and investors' recommendation to take advantage of moving cash flow to "save" in the short term, but they must surrender. reassurance control and behavioral management at a reasonable level to ensure safe caresuits if their marketplace is; oppose to expect. "

Continuing us with the nearest struggle at 930

(Saigon – Hanoi Securities Share Stock Company – SHS)

"With the US stock market going to Easter and not trading in the last two days of this week, it will be a chance for the Vietnam market to show Movements are very realistic because investors do not have to follow the move. The US stocks also make decisions.

The double pattern on VN-Index has been completed gradually and the 930 level breakdown is a suitable buyer space according to the technical analysis theory. VN-Index tends to continue to rise with the nearest conflict of 930 points, depending on the market's high-speed level.

High-level investors should be able to look at the revival levels to nearly 930 points to sell a share. On the other hand, the investors should have a high level of equity that should not be affected and should not be considered solely if there is a successful bankruptcy session at & # 39; market 930 points with good liquidity.

Security companies notified by VnEconomy are only marketed but valid as information source. Security companies may have a rivalry with investors when they make a judgment.

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