Skirt configuration sessions are complete, they do not need a bra under the folder

Tuesday, 11/20/2013 13:41 PM (GMT + 7)

After the picture was also changed to the 1st round when using a swimming pool, the United States changed 180 high-wall wall degrees.

Plenary session sessions, & # 39; throwing clothes without needing underwear 1

According to the expert festival, Mai Cuyen, in the United States, level 1 has been spending a beautiful week because the reef is still frozen, delicate, unattractive, especially when it does not. ; first visit to wear fox. A host on the hotel has been built or mistaken.

Arrangements are round 1 in total, use a skirt without a bra remaining under the coffin - 2

Simply shaped the reef, thin material to a & # 39; body, showing a soft loop for its & # 39; Miss. At the same time, the shoes of the glue are like to pull their legs longer. With a simple mix formula but artistic adverse effects, she can not give this exciting proposal from the United States.

Ski arranging sessions are full, not to # 39; needing clothes under bra3

Monk Ngan Kien – Phi Huyen Trang made a real reputation for the community when his & her; A princely awesome princess at the event. Instead of the image of a warm, exhausting body, Phi Huyen Trang is a handsome soft motif by a woman. Due to its first conversion so beautiful and so fashion experts are known as Phi Huyen Trang in the tallest week.

A command is full of lap, and & # 39; Putting a garment out of bed - 4

After a long time to hide, Khanh re-exports with an amazing sexy sexy style. By hunting white skin as a chicken detector it will be an advantage when he is willing to wear any clothes. In addition, the choice of a fish tail tail uniform is a help the actress full of magic. However, according to Mai Mai, I should remove my long-sleeves as it does not seem to work in the whole concept.

All skip arranging sessions are complete, without the needle - 5

Ho Ngoc Ha came into the show show show show 1. With a leather-leather shoulder decoration design – the motion of this season, she quickly gave her the move and her delightful move, singing with a full coffin , Just attractive with long legs just. In particular, the HMOSCHININ mill is the most expensive accessory to create a personality for all of it.

Settings will be rounded, & # 39; wearing a cloth without keeping it off; side - 6

Hot girl Sam is the name she has always been named in fashion diashes. She is still struggling with the princess's style, Looking to be covered with fragile beauty, smog. Imagine her design with her neck but when the face is with a cup of fabric and clothing to eat it necessary.

Arranging arrangements are in full, no need for bra clothing - 7

Chen Xueyuan knows how to choose simple but elegant clothing. Serious wild step with inconsistent design at the reef. Press the top with the knot, the skirt will be on the #; a neck that makes people go; Seeing the mind for the East fashion. With the elegant selection of items, Sub Vy always received a recommendation from the Miss World 2018 organizing groups.

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