Snowman on the roof of Pa Vay Hus. Educational learning

Can be called "Pa Vuong Sap" with a snowfighter every year, ask for a head; her home to stay in town.

Snow teacher with her love student. (Photo by Nguyen Toan)
Snow teacher with her love student. (Photo by Nguyen Toan)

Reversing its & # 39; pain, stick to & # 39; green bottles

Pa Vay Sủ (the Xin Xin area, the Ha Giang division), a place where no one can come to forget is the remote and cruel land where Mong is living effectively end to & # 39; end, where the teacher who is hanging on his / her; rock and placing the word for green clothes in the future.

To access Pa Vay itself, it must exceed 18 km of the zigzag line on the foot of the rocky mountain, and to reach this site where Miss Mai Thi Tuyet's work is 8 kilometers away from extended length. spit out

Road up with Pa Vay Mine. (Photo by Nguyen Toan)

Talk about the teachers on the top Pa Vay Sủ, a tutor Vuong Thi Ha, the leader of Kindergarten School Pa Vay Sach, just attached in sentence: "There is no love and mystery that he can not be teachers in the land Here .

One of the teachers and teachers who came to work at Pa Vuong Su was so impressive of that teacher and Mai Thi Tuyet, who is 15 years old, has a & # 39; keep a stone built between the high places around the clouds.

Not only does the teacher's snow teacher bring love for work, well with students, citizens but also a fireman to follow the generations of teachers.

In 2005, the school was opened with 7 pre-school children, the teacher Mai Thi Tuyet from the horizon that never met the Mong people.

When Xinjiang was brought to the Highlands, his father-in-law, an old teacher from Mac La Province said, "How long is it in the Tay area, without understanding the language of Tay How many teachers in Mong?

But from that time on, Mai Thi Tuyet has been attached to this land for more than 10 years, from the first school to sew to Xi Cà La and now this is Lung Kid.

Now, when preparing for the start of his new school year, Vang Van Huo Village's head will be a Reducing the downhill down to the People's Committee Committee to meet the leaders of the society and the principal of the school to give their wishes. This led Liu to steal her teacher to teach her children for teaching.

After such a reluctance of her children, Tuyet has suffered a lot of hardship and loss, to work in the high area, her husband died. leaving the girl who was sick.

Thanks to the love and encouragement of parents-spouses and children to help her to cure her daughter and have a strong commitment to adherence to children in her / her children; end.

With his high quality and diligence, she is very capable of being moved to her main school to work hard but before her children come in the poor people, Tuyet is still in a position; adhere to the school.

Today This Dunsid Hospital is built spiritually, with electric lights but remembers the days of the day; away, Tuyet can not be forgotten that the cottage has dark walls located in the mountain rocky valley.

This Corner Hospital is one of the three most remote and toughest committees. It will be completed by 2015 with the support of the voluntary organization "For the Future".

The letter reminds the old student

Over the years, in this Lung kid, many generations of pupils grew up on the youngsters with Tuyet teacher.

Although only a secondary school teacher is only a great deal of students growing up, there is a married woman who is pregnant. She is still older to remember her nursery nursery in Tuyet.

At the beginning of the 2014 school year, Tuyet received a letter written by Lu Van Hien, the chairman of the Pa Vay Suc commune committee. Half the letter she called.

Many generations of students have grown up, are married but still remember the teacher Mai (Picture: Nguyen Toan).

Writer Giang Seo Lin, one of the former students at Khau Xin. He wrote for her to thank her to buy milk and cook her son 4 year old son; old for a terrible breakfast break.

In the letter Lin said, "If you were not starting this year, I would only look at people coming to their class", and my eyes are Coming together with old students who are now Mong Mong Mai Thi Tuyet, who was always living.

Speaking to my colleagues and experts, I was told about stories of his role.

Giang Seo Lin B & B; Tell me that she was kicked from a rock with her flatter, who had her mind after returning from a trips outside the area and her teacher in an unidentified mountain area how to make a motorbike.

Working in the Highlands, we met many teachers in foul areas after their dedication, and what is being done again in secondary schools has the potential for a motorcycle the way.

Probably Ms. Tuyet is the first secondary teacher who is unfamiliar with a motorcycle.

Gadaidh, the language of the pupil in Seo is not the lungs that hurt without the teacher's Mai. (Photo by Nguyen Toan)

The road from Seo Lui is to include each venue every time she needs to travel 2 hours to come, but from day to day. Transport Pa Ca Ward – Chi Ca, travel is also better.

She has a motorcycle, she can go to attack her; Main school every time, Giang Seo Village Chief is always willing to choose from anywhere.

Guo's teacher's school is a teacher who's teaching; This town is a lot but not everyone who lays their hands; Tie jealousy, hair, plants for home children, not everyone learn language Mong to make children When she cried, give the children to understand that everyone is safe to be work immediately.

"The person who stayed in Pa Vay Sap" was the phrase Mr Thang Van Tinh, Secretary of the Committee of the Parties for Mai Thi Tuyet.

"Who will also choose the variety, hardship as part of who?, Initially when this land got to work, it also felt so tough, but very little, and then connected to great for me.

But still, my dear friend, I still live with these small SEO habitats. "May Thi Tuyet teacher started when I asked about plans in the future.

The story goes back to private life, she says that her daughter is healthy and she is a final year educated college, that is the biggest she gave at this time.

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