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Solskjaer above ended with the decision, "Anger" M.U

Solskjaer is a major player
Solskjaer has stressed many times in previous paper conferences that it will focus on issues with “long-term” teams of quantities if it goes to the official MU coach. deep and stable. It's therefore no surprise that Solskjaer is aiming for the three names above, which are the players who have made up their contribution from an early age.

Sancho is the highest status Bundesliga player. The City City academy materials have gone for 18 months in Dortmund and are the culmination of a series of giants.

Rice is a wonder in the mid-west of Ham Ham this season. B and Herrera return to PSG.

At the same time, Bissaka is the goal of 1 at Solskjaer, because defenders are M.Cs or too young (Young), or never have been able (Darmian). Bissaka is a regular member of the British U21 team, regarded by Roy Hodgson as 'the most widespread support in England'.
Indeed, M.U must spend a lot of money to build three English football stars. These three are estimated to cost Ed Woodward and his companions 170 million pounds. However, this is a reasonable level of money in the context of higher football turnover value.

Rashford, Coutinho coming?

Elsewhere, Mundo Deportivo pointed out that Barca Rashford was in favor of a new man Luis Suarez. To cancel MST of the contract, Barca will allow Philippe Coutinho to Old Trafford on the other side.

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