Song Samba "Lion"

Tuesday, 11/20/2018 11:06 AM (GMT + 7)

An amazing form, it will not be difficult for the army of the Tea to defeat Camarùn "Lion".

This game will be broadcast live, invite it and your friends to watch!

Looking back at & # 39; match between Brazil – Uruguay:

After being defeated to Belgium in the 2018 World Cup competitions, Brazil Then return to the impressive series of five consequences, preserved to 11 visitors and do not express it.

Brazil - Cameroon: Samba is a dance

Brazilian market power is struggling to face

Technically, clearly Brazil they still show that it's an amazing team; in them with unhealthy power.

But, because these are fun games, great stars like Neymar, Costa, Firmino … are more than a 100% match coach. Even about the campaigns in Argentina or Uruguay, Samba dancers lost much of their strength for their & # 39; win a 1-0 win.

This shows that Brazil's sad style can still play a lot without her / her; biggest decision making. It is easy to explain because the team has a very heavy Exit coach, including Neymar, Firmino, Willian, Jesus no Miranda … are always ready to be in their place and place. compiled.

Before its game against Cameroon, Brazil is a " going on to identify the fans.

On the other side of the line, the team called Africa's "Lion" is nowhere more recently. After qualifying on the 2018 World Cup, Camaroin football is gutted without a good neighbor.

According to statistics, there is only one game in Cameroon under the Seedorf manager who has put more than one goal in the last nine games in each competition. In addition, they won one of the last 5 matches.

In opposition to the powerful Brazilian, there is almost no opportunity in Cameroon, as well as the team's physical strength. Expect, if that is Brazil With their main driver, they will have a special impact on their & # 39; this game.

DỰ ĐOÁN: 2-0


Brazil: Alisson; Miranda, Filipe Luis, Danilo, Marquinhos, Augusto, Costa, Artair, Walace, Neymar, Firmino.

Camarùn: Onana; Follow, Collins Fai, Ngadeu-Ngadjui, Gaetan Bong, Anguissa, Mandjeck, Pierre Kunde, Ekambi, Choupo-Moting, Bassogog.

Argentina – Mexico: Receiving the "good"

(Argentina-Mexico Football, 7:00, 21/11, first at the Adidas Cup 2018)

In five friendly games after the 2018 World Cup, Argentina lost only one game in front of Brazil's campaigns with the 1-0 score. Argentina won the fans with a 2-0 prize over Mexico a few days ago. So they had three advantages, one draw after five games under the coach of Lionel Scaloni.

It is not clear whether the sailors were officially seated on the tower or not, but it was clear that Argentina had not Messi yet demonstrating strength; collection. To attack her & # 39; The first time of the 2018 Cup Cup in Mexico, Argentina is going on for a similar 2-0 prize.

At this time, Albiceleste is subject to the history of fuel between the two sides completely. Although the style supports Dybala and his teams, it will not be surprising if Tango dancers continue to go to her; case.


Mexico: Gonzales; Rodriguez; Reyes; Araujo; Fabian; Guemez; Gutirrez; Gallardo; Corona; Jimenez; Lozano.

Argentina: Romero; Otamendi; Tagliafico; Pezzella; Savaria; Battaglia; Walls; Lo Celso; Dybala; Icardi; Simeone.

DỰ ĐOÁN: 2-0

French Football - Uruguay:

(3:00, 21 November) Deschamps is winning home at the Stade de France.

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