Sport joke: Ronaldo-Messi tried to solve a grace on a box floor

Monday, April 1, 2019 00:05 AM (GMT + 7)

(Sports news, boxing news) On the playing side of football, Ronaldo and Messi find it hard to beat anyone, making them two the players on the bottom box box.

Since then Cristiano Ronaldo About Real Madrid in 2009, this player, along with Lionel Messi (Barcelona), created the hard and wild "song code" race. Not only does the level of the club get out of hand, both of these players are competing hard in individual prizes.

Sport shock: Ronaldo - Messi fixes grace on the floor of a box - 1

Ronaldo will fight for boxing with Messi to celebrate high and low

Messi 5 won Golden Ball titles in total, the honor was won by 5 Argentine winners with Barcelona 4 times to win the Champions League, 9 hours for winning the domestic league, Ronaldo 4 highest competition in Europe and 2 hours Real to the top of the World's most prestigious competition. The two players have won many other titles which will be very long.

Better Messi or Ronaldo is always a controversial issue, but the answer will never be the right. Argentina's outstanding star has a natural talent when he takes his "magical" left foot, and Ronaldo tries to prove to the world – try to succeed.

Both footballers are symbolized as "water and fire" and seem to be turning two fans around the globe: two Ronaldo's love and vice versa.

When a reason cannot be settled, the fist is mentioned. In a 90min interview, Anthony Joshua, who was a heavyweight heavyweight boxer if he was playing a box, confirmed that Ronaldo arrived against Messi. Messi has a strong body but Ronaldo's body remains as Bruce Lee (Bruce Lee). You understand what I mean, just Ronaldo standing and submitting a game to him. measure the game, "Joshua told 90min.

In a question to Quora about Ronaldo and Messi fighting for a box to win? There are also many supporters who chose Ronaldo, as the Portuguese player is more physically and physically fit than his colleagues.

Sport shock: Ronaldo - Messi fixes grace on the floor of a box - 2

Joshua once said Ronaldo would be against Messi on the boxing stage and he was correct

Thanks to the worldwide ambitions of supporters, Ronaldo and Messi recently decided to box the boxing floor and high levels. After reviewing the game, you will see that CR7 is too high for M10, the Portugal player launched a series of points before he won.

The information used to persuade Ronaldo's fans can be annoying, and followers Messi is not satisfied, although today it is only 1/4 so there is only a "tin tun" t . I wish you all happy days after “April Fools”!

Video Messi Ronaldo symbolizes

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