Start out early, fans say that Indonesian is not equal to Cambodia Sport


As the fourth series of Chup 201 B AFF is closed, it is also difficult to accept the NHM and the national team of Indonesia. The team that officially eliminated the "Tim Garuda" when the Philippines and Thailand coincided with the score 1-1 to continue to reach the top of the page. board, the 7 points. There are only three points and one game, Indonesian players are hard to quench their fourth trip from a number to # 39; competitors around one in southeast Asia.

The players and Indonesian staff are disturbed, and their sadness is deeper than the confidence of local players; put on Tim Garuda. Recently, Zulfirdaus Harahap at Bola has written about the response of fans who heard news from Indonesia have been abolished from Aup Cup in 2018.

"An Indonesian national team has been abolished from Chupa AFF officially as long as he is still on an amateur battle. This is a very bad indian football accident," said Ball.

"The dream that our national team can break the World Cup. Even the regional competition is so difficult," wrote a game on Fajarvanhoutten on a football forum and commented on Zulfirdaus Harahap on article.

"To be honest, I can not accept the way our team has been discharged this year. And perhaps Indonesia's football is not like Cambodia and Timor Leste," an Instagram account named & # 39; aemph06

Prior to the 2018 AFF Cup, there was a great change in the Indonesian national team. The Luis Milla coach is retiring due to a regular salary at the Indonesia Football Federation (PSSI). In due course, PSSI had to bring Bima Sakti to his shop and the soldier succeeded Tim Garuda. Indonesian supporters ask PSSI to set the governing house.

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