Stop many male craters, female race cars at night

First information, about 2pm on November 18, people found that many young men and young women have a good deal. celebrating races in the Dinh Binh commune area, Ca Mau (Ca Mau province).

According to reports, local police in co-operation with active forces were present in a moment to monitor the situation and to understand it.

The items are caught. (Photograph: CTV)

The items are caught. (Photograph: CTV)

When active forces are detected, these items have been moved to escape. With professional steps, at least 20 things and 16 motor bikes have been under the control of the armed forces.

Through investigation, these objects have changed the shape of the car to make the car faster. Most of the vehicles are listed in Tìr Cha Mau, and the rest is Bac Lieu and Soc Trang.

At this time, the case says that the authorities are still in a position; clarify the behavior of these things.


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