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The VN-Index closed 0.32% higher today and it was not easy. The market received for a third continuous session despite the lack of support from a bank department and oil and gas.

Vingroup is trading this evening and its # 39; market management. VIC started 1.46% compared to the morning, VHM increased by 1.49%, VRE increased by 1.49%. None of the stocks in the VN Record were better than these three stocks.

VIC closed up 0.83%, VHM up 2.88% and VRE increased 1.66%. Two other strong stocks, VNM and HPG closed (0.95% and 2.96%) but most of the advantages in the morning. VNM grew just 300 seconds late today, and HPG was very small. The 5 stock rated 0.5% to the main menu.

On the other hand, the pressure was mostly due to banking stocks and oil and gas. These two groups grew just over the afternoon while their & # 39; Most of the blue gorges are really bigger. The IDB closed 1.55%, TCB decreased 0.39%, HDB decreased by 1.46%, STB down 0.81%, MBB decreased by 0.94%, VCB 0.37% fell, GAS down 0.31% fell 0.8%% PLX.

SAB is a more specific issue. This stock closed a very good effort, from 241,000 to jump up to 243,500 VND and reduce to 0.81% compared to the reference. Compared to the session in the morning, the SAB was stronger, which recovered 900 dunes, but still one of the indexes down to # 39; most.

The highest VN30-Index closed up 0.49% from the rate of reference and 15 marks increased / decreased by 14 tickets. The breadth was not much better than the morning session, but there were 22 stocks that were there; Improving price, only four deeper stocks fell. In other words, they did not exceed the width of a comment; basket, but most of the stock was restricted.

The market grew even in the evenings. The HSX 130 contained a code that received / 144 a & # 39; reduction, just 96 clan / 160 population decline. It is clear that the bluebells have helped to spread positive attitudes to other stocks.

Liquidity only fell by 18% compared to the morning session, only orders were 1.406.7 billion. HPG, but VIC and PVS is not the most impressive woe in the evening. VIC sales at VND87.4bn in the evening and VND400cn is higher than the morning session. PVS sells at 87.6 billion dollars, prices up to 700 dong. These two stocks seemed to be better than other stocks.

Foreign investment investors made much contribution to today's premium, both in terms of buying and selling. The total value of HSX and HNX purchase increased by 80% compared to yesterday, with an added value of 128% increase. They sold a net about VND 86 billion. In particular, on HSX, foreigners bought VND784.7 billion and sold VND864.1 billion. Air HNX bought 9.9 billion, selling 16.1 billion.

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