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Surely playing football; first-hour at SAO Incheon

Saturday, 23 February, 2019 09:14 AM (GMT + 7)

The performance of Nguyen Cong Phuong in the two games seems to be more likely than the Incheon United Board of Directors expects. Every Vietnamese star has a role, which helps & # 39; this win of Korea team.

The stage was celebrated in the first game of Chong Phuong (Source: Incheon United)

How did Incheon United welcome Nguyen Cong Phuong at his news conference as a star? shows the position of the conflict from HAGL. But most of all, the product of the new field is evidence of the value of Cong Phuong, the necessity of & # 39; as it is for the Coronary team.

Cong Phuong continues to grow: Reliable races, SAO Incheon, & # 39; start - 1

Cong Phuong is recited as the star at Incheon United

Incheon United is actively preparing for the new season. On March 2, Incheon United joined Jeju United in the first round of the K-League 2019. The run-by-time route was very important, and what Cong Phuong was doing. show what will help him win. The main tour of Incheon public products is on the opening day of its competition.

The first game at Incheon United, Nguyen Kong Phuong was unexpectedly and put it extremely impressive against Busan Humetro FC. This is Namhae's training competition match, and they do not estimate the goal, since even if it's a competing competition, the teams play with a very positive spirit when the new season is near.

In the second game against the University of Sangji, Cong Phuong did not meet but left a signal with help to the Heo Yong-Joon striker for score. In the last two games, Cong Phuong showed the ability to change rapidly to the European football environment, and everyone appears in a variety of ways.

1 one extraordinary goal, supporting team members 1 – this is the most incompatible message that Cong Phuong has sent to their new peers. The supervisor Nghe showed that he was strong enough to win a place in the Incheon United invasion.

Choinnich Cong Phuong on this case, many of the Incheon United players who have to worry about stress in the competition of the situation. The one who is at risk of Cong Phuong is the middle of the Chang-jin Mun playground – an O23 player in Choir. This is the highest transit of Incheon United, and, in fact, the star is clear.

Cong Phuong continues to grow: Reliable race Main tour SAO Incheon - 2

Cong Phuong supported Incheon United

A player like this number 10 is currently recorded on the statistical page and the Transfermarkt player reviews are & # 39; Showing 1 million euro. At the same time, Cong Phuong was not in the eyes of an international Transfermarkt before going to Incheon United but spent 25,000 barley. Therefore, its Korean player has 40-hour mobile value for being a partner with Cong Phuong.

In addition, Cong Phuong can be the main champion of Incheon United. And worries the situation of Stefan Mugosa. Last season, Montenegrin's 26-year-old striped play, 35 matches, marked 19 visits to Incheon. If Mugosa succeeds in the race to win his main tour, Cong Phuong will be a great deal. knocked down a giant.

Cong Phuong to Chorea was:

Cong Phuong officially launched Incheon United in a loan agreement from HAGL.

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