Teacher 23 billion deceased person-electors: buy Camry car, 11 billion savings

The biggest lottery in the United States

According to this math teacher, the purchase of lottery tickets will increase the winning problems, but also the small problems. He also identified some of the problems that could happen as an electronic hit by 114,000 or 10,000 in the toilet. The problem of winning Oscar is about one in 11,500.

This "battle" can not stop thousands, even millions, lottery players across the country.

Although it is difficult to win at 1 / 302,575,350, the Educational Lottery is to sell a Mega Millions ticket for sale in South Carolina. This is the largest bonus in the history of their lottery in the United States. Total prize money is $ 913.7 million.

Last time, the Mega Millions lottery winners were on July 24 when 11 at the same time the same company won at Santa Clara, California, $ 543 million. This is the fourth largest prize in the history of Mega Millions.

The Powerball lottery was $ 1.59 billion the biggest prize awarded to three people in January this year in the US. The three of them will accept smaller awards and their. receive a cash of $ 904.9 million.

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