Teacher memories

Every year, as close to 20/11, my high school class is visiting each other to visit the old master. That time over 20 years ago. He is almost 40 years old and has just moved to school. At first we did not know anything about, the only sisters were listening to, the new teacher had a few sessions, each other was very good. Unbelievably our young people have the opportunity to become a master's master for two years. When the schoolmaster heard the name of the new teacher, the whole class sent happiness and joy.

There was a beautifully painted master, singing or, a great deal of poetry, like water that was flowing with water as a drink. His voice was down below, at an acute, interesting, when the skin is soft, soft, slow, as a stimulus, school teachers are long breathing, there are only two Molly Dude, a teacher- again home. When the high school finished, the teacher taught the singing teacher to his / her; whole class. He likes the best songs of the day: "Boat and sea", "Little spring", "Take rice for mother to treough". Our students are always enthusiastic, with an interest in every hour of teaching, round eyes, trying to swallow every word the teacher said.

Another key objective of the teacher is very funny. The name of its game is on & # 39; The board also thinks of different ways of laughing. For example, both the name and the name, read each one until the spelling or name is given to the buffer, the class teacher is called the English Language Tue. For example, the word "Thi" and "Van" make a difference between boys and girls, which class my two boys are more than what the girls would not like to cite. Just laughing and her & # 39; heart is …

Even when he was drinking lectures, he did not forget to insert one or two of the sentences, but the student was laughing, but said that the teacher was still awakened as if anything were, wait until we hosted the & # 39; new master to turn alone. The whole class activities are relaxed because most of the tight rules of the school are handsome, the students listen to the school. a memory that they enjoy long, no pressure, is kept up. The class president summed up our difficulties and told the teacher at the weekend, but then there was no penalty, as usual, included the fun questionnaires between the teachers. and games. If the class is sound, the teacher says "Eh, crests," but not the sky on his or her table. There is a simple control, but the class is still good, learning hard, new? There may be no one to worry about her & # 39; love, love.

At that time, it was apparent that he was unsure of scoring 9, 10 subjects for students everywhere, wherever they were written. But the teacher is different, he broke the rules in a way, surprised us with confidence, confidence and confidence. Not only that, folklore exams prefer to call one day's birthday to give more points.

How many do you like to thank your new, engaging teaching methods? interested in literature. I, from a small member celebrated in two years at grades 6, 7, when I learn to change the teacher suddenly, my subject is good to see, Every time happy, happy to praise Maybe my love of poetry and passion for writing today has come from my own conclusions from my own ideas from that old time.

Indeed, he gave a fresh breath into the classroom, which was blown away; tedious, monotonous current climate. My class is under the "leadership" of the teacher as the baby birds are removing a cage cage. It becomes patient and friendly, we can freely fly in the high, full of sensation. It's a fun day every day, every day learning the right teacher that he will eat a brot for the soul.

In addition, we also know how many memories of the teacher are outside the classroom. Remember to visit the home home, happy with Phut. At that time, his wife made a vegetable bread, vegetable cake sold in the market. The students wanted to eat every day for a cup but they do not know the poor teacher, the teacher's salary and the money to sell bread to raise two young children and old parents … Remember the time the team puts a good student text competition Make the class, the teacher will stand outside his / her; gateway, water water forest. Remember, the most respected and honored as a teacher is good enough for kind students!

Over the years, many things have been forgotten at the time but the image remains heavy in our minds. It was like his little tana, slippery bicycle, threw a thumbs into the school, his hair on a few lines fell on his mast, and then he had to put his arm over . There was a new day, our children succeeded in the teacher, fence bullying teacher, wanted to hear, and, reading poetry, painting, telling stories …

When I knew that I wanted to write about you, my companions were very enthusiastic, enthusiastic, each commented on. How many memories do not have a & # 39; going together to move apart as a waterfall, beaten, consecrated to unexpectedly. Natural friends are close, close to each other, although they do not have long communication. It was the frightening memory; which helped us to come closer, leading to distance and time.

Now, our main school member. That was good because the mind and talents were recognized by the education industry. We are proud to be the first seed nursed by the nursery, sun shooting, cultivation a little. Another particular thing is that teachers still remember the name of each class on the information boat that is going on; The conduct of thousands of students across the river.

At the end of November 20, we arranged to meet in the teacher's house. You come, you're just from afar, everyone is Look at the teacher with his lovely affection and wish her a good health, happy.


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