Technology stock fell well, Dow Jones lost almost 400 points

Dow Jones business average decreased 395.78 points to 25,017.44. The S & P 500 dropped 1.7 per cent to 2,690.73, with technology decreasing by 3.8 per cent. Nasdaq Composite also fell significantly, down 3% to 7028.48, Amazon was down 5.1%.

"FAANG" group stocks, including Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and the current Alphabet in the market of each "member" account for more than 20% of the highest in this year .

Apple is going on to other technology companies after Wall Street Journal has been sent to her; The company has produced product orders for the recently launched iPhone. Company shares fell by almost 4% and fell into a market; watt, down 20% from its 52-week high.

Facebook is down by 5.7% long and the media giant has a & # 39; Looking to public scrutiny to be blocked in the 2016 election and its impact on other countries.

According to WSJ, Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg corrupted Sheryl Sandberg's COO on how the company dealt with the scanner. The news came back after receiving a Facebook back from the public for the New York Times article describing Facebook and its Facebook ignorance; Try to use Russian usage of the platform to translate. to 2016.

A technological group also introduced after the Financial Times reported that the Trump administration had complain of "real evidence" of antitrust breakdown with Samsung, SK Hynix and Micron Technology. So, China will add more research into the three companies, the ones that are the largest who make world-wide teams.

The Micron Technology shares fell by 6.6%, and Advanced Advanced 7.5% fell. In addition, Netflix fell 5.5% and Chapter 3.8% also fell.

The President of Brigde Advisors Tower Maris Ogg said: "Over the past half a year, we have seen changes that affect the range to another area. I find a bit director. "Ogg said she thinks it's a chance to go to # 39; purchasing technology stock. Many of these companies have good growth rates, and we believe it will continue. "

The depreciation was also given to the Deputy President Mike Pence in a Sunday speech that US $ 250 billion worth of US $ 250 billion would not come to an end if China did not change countries. innovations.

His comments were made at APEC 2018 held in Papua New Guinea. The lecture was made after President Donald Trump last week that he could not issue outputs as well as Chinese goods.

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