Terry Myanmar & # 39; Named to close Germany

In a press conference before the game, the countryside hospitality hosted a lot about Zaw Min Tun, one of Myanmar's very good backstore. The reason for this is that Zaw is going on the face to face the protection of Myanmar, when it does not. Antoine Hey was the defender of Win Thain Thein. to get two yellow cards after two games with Cambodia and Laos.

Zaw Min Tun was born in 1992 in Madalay and at the age of 13 he came to football. The player was cited to U19 Myanmar in 2011. Since then, his job has been running up. The mid-game plays two of Myanmar's strongest clubs, Yadanaborn (2012-2014) and Yangon United (2015-2018). And most likely, next year Zaw Min Tun will be the director of Aung Thu to Thailand to play football.

Zaw Min Tun can be very good

Zaw Min high 1m80, thick rush, laughing good, good judgment and particularly able to participate, and invoke a separate attack. The midfielder is an expert with 60 captains and 4 visitors. The Yangon United team has been second in a list of the best players in Myanmar in 2013 and has won the bronze base of the 2011 SEA Games.

"Anh Duc is a danger that should be carefully trained and Zaw Min Tun is the most suited to lock the Vietnam strike. The terrestrial and John Terry Myanmar & # 39; also the confidence that England will be extinct, "said Duwun.

Myanmar vs Vietnam: Big Bang Thuwunna?

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