Thanh Chuong is very expensive, My Linh's house is downside down

On November 19, a voter question regarding the breach of an order built on a defense and forest forest was not answered in the hall with a special need by Mr Pham Xuan Phuong – the party party committee of the Soc Soc. Talk to reporters Righteousness Following the meeting with the voters before the seventh meeting of the 15th Congress of the Scottish Council, Phuong explained the reason for forgetting this content, even though he had previously thought.

I've just been listening to it

– What is a breach of defense woodland, a special use forest in the area of ​​Soc Son, sir?

– A home inspection team thoroughly scrutinize the & # 39; process; Forestry use in the Soc Soc area and its implementation of the Executive Inspectors in 2006. The Mac Sociedad area is awaiting the decision of their home inspectors, related issues.

At this time, the area also focuses on & # 39; Handles 18 breach jobs, which will be completed in November. In these works, the singer of My Linh and Thanh Chuong have no work. These are huge jobs, they are not under local authority, so they should wait.

Mr Pham Xuan Phuong - Committee Party Committee Committee Secretary

Mr Pham Xuan Phuong – Committee Party Committee Committee Secretary

– The house of the singer, My Linh and the family of Thanh Chuong, will be examined at each stage that will show a breach for many years. Why does Soc Soc Son based on that do not have to wait ever since the town?

– Since 2006, when the Government Investigators are finalized, the jobs are completed. Indeed, the work is complete, the authority is not re-routined in the area.

There are even 18 of the jobs that are & # 39; Break out on the list of enterprises in the Comm Minh Minh, but many families just listen. When the District Area Indicates the Benefit to enforce the families, recruiting lawyers and submitted the bids to the Government. Workers' owners do not say they are not involved in an emergency investigation.

Before these new issues, the Soc Son area is waiting for official comments from the Hanoi People's Committee to direct the release or removal of the bankruptcy works at this time. According to the opinion of the chiefs in the Soc Son area, it is lapsing because the work that breaks up the order of construction.

– With 27 brushes in Minh Tri, which has 22 projects that fight forest land. So today is the new Soc Soc Mac decision "what does this 22 work?

– In fact, there are 27 breaches in Tri-Commune Minh, of which 22 are in woodland and 5 outside. Why is not the Mac's area designated to deal with these jobs, there is also a question that the chairman of the People's Committee is on our position.

The literature review shows that there are 22 main jobs in Tan Tan's Renewable soil. The land obtained a land use certificate, which was built 400 meters of land and 200 m of products were added. Therefore, the need to address these jobs needs to be clearly defined.

"After the Thanh Chuong many new people came to Forest Forest Soc"

– Back to the story of the singer's house My Linh and Thanh Chuong, how does the area agree to the specific designation?

– In the case of the family of the singer, My Linh, in the book; for the construction of 400 m2 of land for housebuilding and 200 m2 of land for fruit trees, the 11,600 m2 of land is still in woodland. But now my singer My Linh has built more than 500 m2. So the singer My Linh must remove the wrong section. In fact, a lawyer does not need to get my Linh (temporary house) because this is the structural steel frame.

At the same time, the Thanh Chuong district of the Soc Son area is still waiting to terminate Ho Chi Minh City Surveyors to take their control in accordance with the regulations. But it can also be said, after the Thanh Chuong cover many new people came to Soc Son forest. And now, today's international delegates still visit Thanh Chuong, listening to the culture of the old Vietnam.

Hanoi's Study illustrates issues related to woodlands in the Soc Son area

Hanoi's Study illustrates issues related to woodlands in the Soc Son area

– So, the Son Soc area is still surprised to handle major projects, especially Thanh Chuong?

– Son Son Soc is considering making suggestions such as Thanh Chuong. In reality, it is destroying the ones that are now litter, because this is not a woodland land, but an agricultural land.

Now, just use the Thanh Chuong use only if you do so well. I hope to do it too. I myself and her; The first person was there. At first, the land here is wild, it's just as big as today.

There are no phone effects

– Soc Socie's leaders said social status, a "difficult to handle" effect. As the Secretary's Department, his son, to reduce the risk management process was under pressure Do not block outside?

– This is not the first time to address the & # 39; Breaking up, communities like Phu Minh cover 60 jobs. Before processing, there are many calls, but when they do, they will not see the problem, because they know they need.

Also, the most important thing is to make a legal record, which requires confirmation that the area they are doing is to do; breach of the law, or on the other hand they will be executed.

At this time, I must confirm that a telephone call is not translated. There are even 18 of the emergency projects, and they urge the authorities, as well as lawyers, to submit suggestions to the Prime Minister. Everyone's right is, although the plan to locate the Soc Son area is still normal.

The tourism center continues to continue; grow in the Soc Soc area. (Picture: Toan Vu)

The tourism center continues to continue; grow in the Soc Soc area. (Picture: Toan Vu)

– Through the process of dealing with staff in Soc Soc in terms of "saving" forest land, to date only at commune level. Many people believe that Mac Mac's area still respects, avoid regional staff in the area?

– My point is to be handled hard, but I do not; Given any matter, but awaiting the official decision of the inspection team. Certainly when the overall survey decision is, the Soc Son area is handled by the rules, including the ones that are in the process. to retire but the crime is still dealt with by regulations. However, to do so, the person who is being treated must also pay attention.

– It is known that the district of Soc Son is a civil service inspection in Minh Tri. Is there any decision, sir?

– Standing Committee Committee Committee of the Stand of Soc Mac Committee on the Trustees of the Commune Three Sustainable Committee. After our decision, we will contact the media.

– Thank you!

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