The 21-year-old daughter of Vietnam's most successful Vietnam leader: Face Cinema, body shape …

There is a fact that everyone needs to admit that it is a "proof, not just the same feather." That's why you know that boys and girls who come from families who have a tradition of making art or artists who are artists, actors are always more interesting.

And she has a very special name – Tran Lang Khe is an example like this!

Tran Le Khe – daughter of the famous director Tran Anh Hung and the French-Vietnamese actress Tran Yen Yen (Picture: Dinh Duy).

Chen Liqing was born in 1997 and was built in France. She is the "wine girl" directed by Tran Anh Hung and her actress Tran Yen Yen.

Khh – director of Anh Hung is considered to be the best filmmaker in Vietnamese in the national field today with a series of prestigious works such as Green Papaya, Cyclo, Norwegian Norway

At the same time, her mother-in-law Tran Khanh actress, Yen Khe is a talented French-Vietnam actor, who won Ao Dai. Ms. Vietnam in the Vietnam beauty of France's community beauty.

She is a muse and was also a star in most of her films made by her father.

As the son of the series, Ray Khe has a talented talent from almost all

She is passionate about photography and acting

He was born in a family full of artistic heritage, and was not difficult to understand when he was only 21 years old, and Lang Khe also worked hard. He holds a film and a drama at a university in Paris (France).

It also has the opportunity to appear in the film Les confins du monde (Gaspard Ulliel) – Fifteen Director of the Cannes Film Festival 2018.

She has a beautiful beauty and looks good

The most interesting thing about them is that this beautiful name is very ugly and well "caught". Although blood is 100% pure, but because children overseas should be in Lang Khe out of the middle of today that is not so close to the west.

With long hair, high shape and slim body with a beautiful face, Lang Khe was always drawn in each frame. With his special talent and humor talent, she has promised to be an actor in a short time.

Le Khe has a very general status

It's not a spirit

It is difficult to leave the soft body of Lang Khe's eyes

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