The actress of the "Palace Palace" film is prescribed for writing with her; previous girl to stop keeping the image but it's a finishing with subsidies.

Nowadays, as well as the distinguished jungle song song, actor Kim Jung Hoon was also convicted of her lover. In particular, on 21 February, the actress "The Palace Palace" was played by Kim Jung Hoon with his beloved (A) for not paying the total amount as promised. After 5 days, the Coronan media started to move around the event.

Hoàng Cung movie actor was faced to be exposed to her & # 39; A previous girlfriend to be pregnant with a baby to keep the image but stopping her. allowance - Picture 1.

In a complaint, an old girl appeared by Kim Jung Hoon, that her incredible actor asked her to get hurt after he learned that A was Behavior of two children to keep the image. When the agreement reached a tenancy, he told Kim Jung Hoon to move in with her parents but he was given a donation of rent from the actor. Kim Jung Hoon was searching for a house with A and promised to pay her 10 million (207 million) to rent and secure security every month. However, after winning 1 million (VND 20.7 million), the cultural actor by A.

In case of law, Call Kim Jung Hoon alone of the remaining 9 million to be paid as promised to pay for security and monthly rent.

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