The air crash killed 91 people, the only surviving daughter remembers a great memory

The 17-year-old spent his most of his life as the only one who, stayed in the air crash that killed 91 people.

It was a Christmas Eve; In 1971, everyone wanted to go home, Juliane Koepcke and her mother were angry that the plane was late for 7 hours. Suddenly, they're going into the dark, heavy clouds. Juliane's mother is very strange but the young girl is calm.

After 10 minutes, it was clear that something was wrong. There was much uncertainty, the plane flew up, dropped down, the parcels and luggage fell from the goods department. Around the & # 39; flowering balls, Christmas Eve gifts. When he saw the electronic bolt around the plane, Juliane was afraid. A mother and son will hold hands but can not talk. Other travelers started to shout, shouting.

Out of the 91 people, not only the largest group of people

Juliane was the only survivor of the crash that killed 91 people.

For the next 10 minutes, Juliane saw the engine on the left of the plane growing. Her mother said calmly: "Everything is." Without the last word the young girl heard from her mother. The plane was going down to the air, everyone shouting. The sound of the engine injected Juliane's entirety.

Suddenly the sound came, Juliane was outside the plane. She fell free, catched in a chair and seized her head. The only sound she heard was the wind. "I was totally feeling alone, I see woodwood woods in front of me, and then I lost an awareness and I did not remember anything more than 3 km of land," said Juliane.

The next day, Juliane's awakens up and hers; look up on the tree. Mail & # 39; The first thing she thought was, "I noticed in an emergency disaster." Juliane can hear but he does not. hearing a gun of a gun, almost. She broke her crest, stamping her chin and her. hard cutting of depths for her genes. Despite damaging its & # 39; her knee, she was still able to walk.

Out of the 91 people, not only the largest group of people

Juliane was urgent and she could not believe she would be alive.

Before that, Juliane had been familiar with her wood because her parents were psychologists and so she was not a forest with her too frightened. Juliane heard the rescue planes over the oil but it was a very close woodland so that they could not get them.

The worst thing was when Juliane realized that the flies had put eggs on their hands. Despite this, the whirlwinds would tumble beneath the skin and his / her; hitting a hole in the body of the girl. Juliane took a pack of glaze and took him away but after that she had nothing to eat and she feared he was hungry. Hot weather, heavy rain and wet environment. But at night, the temperature will go down, with a short skirt and it must be & # 39; Seeing weather is very hard.

On the fourth day, Juliane heard a vulture voice. She realized that her parents' time was in her & # 39; Sanctuary. Juliane is very talented as the animal was just ashore on the smell of the fish and knew that the bodies were in the crash. When she turned her eyes to the corner of the hill, Juliane saw a chairman with three travelers falling on the ground. She was completely paralyzed by anxiety. This is the first time she saw a body.

By day 10, Juliane could not stand and move further on the edge of a large river. The young girl is feeling so lonely & she is in a world, away from humanity. Juliane is absolutely amazing.

Out of the 91 people, not only the largest group of people

Although he is still alive, Juliane is still suffering from her mother.

But then Juliane reached a cottage near the edge of the wood. With a gas tank outside the cottage, Juliane started into the injuries on her hand to kill a dragon, just as her father had done with her; dog dog.

The next day, Juliane will hear her voice outside the cottage, and she is happy to hear the angels. Seeing the young girl, everyone was panned. They think it's the day of the water in a tear blondes, white. Later on, the people helped the young girl and were taken to the hospital.

After leaving an air crash, Juliane and his father started a trip to find out about her mother. On January 12, 1971, they found her body. She was alive after the plane was sunk but it was greatly wounded, she could not move and so took a few days.

Out of the 91 people, not only the largest group of people The secretary of its plane is sunk by plane, the whole body after 4 months missing After nearly four decades, the story about Peter Gibbs is still regarded as one of the longest fun histories to do the world. View >> According to Bao Linh (Translated by BBC) (Find)

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