The Che Linh's son was eliminated from the Bolero competition for wrong words

Tuesday, 11/20/2018 14:56 PM (GMT + 7)

There is no perfect performance in the 6 "Solo le Bolero" program Che Dung, the son of Che Linh, should break up the program.

Episode 6 shows "Solo le Bolero" THVL1 is a spectacular broadcast on many spectators, in particular the voice is rated in a final competition; Che Dung had to give the show full.

This is the final night of the final of 1, for the remaining six competitors in the river 18. The challenge for the duet competitors is to sing with the song by the organizers named by the organizers and the competition. to sing the words.

Candidates Che Dung and Lam Khai were noticed when Che Phuc – the son of Che Linh. Both show the song "You are all"(Made by Lam Phuong).

According to Lam Quoc's songs, it's not difficult but his style is not fitting, and so to make this song, Lam Khai Khai needs to be so varied, sing harder and he must show how his voice mix both by the tone of the Kingdom is more than a Cheat.

The Che Linh's son was eliminated from the Bolero competition due to wrong singing, a wrong rhythm - 1

Che Dung and Lam Khai Khai.

The two well-praised songs, the duet of Cheung and Lam Quoc Khai are sweet and sweet smell. However, an Che Dung event took place at the beginning of her voice.

Judge My Huyen said: "Mr Cheung went to the wrong and the wrong song. Cheong Dung is very beautiful and my Huyen is feeling very tough. Her voice is soft and simple but she does not trust .

Judge Dong Dao said:He can understand Mr Cheung's stress but Dao hopes that he can be more confident and so young candidates can learn a brother's brother on the stage.

Ms Praise Quoc Khai has a good voice, confident on the stage, but does not block the text that will make the wrong content of the song.

The Che Linh's son was eliminated from the Bolero competition as he sang wrongly, 2

Che Dung is shown to be perfect and left the program.

Manh Quynh said he was sorry for his son Che Linh. He said:When he listened to the names of two competitors, Manh Quynh was very happy and waiting for the duet but when Mr Cheung raised his & her; First sentence, Manh Quynh was very tough because he was a sings the wrong section of the song. In terms of his voice, Manh Quynh loved his voice. "

With technical difficulties and drama stress, Cheung had to stop in the 18 high level of Bolo Solo this year with a lot of people sad.

The Che Linh's son was eliminated from the Bolero competition because he sang it wrongly, 3

The jury for the presentation of the Che Linh son.

Previously, his visit was in advance "Solo le Bolero 2018 " forward in TP. HCM attracts many partners. Che Dung got a lot of attention because he was a famous Che Linh son.

Cheong was born in 1972, he did not participate in singing competitions, sometimes he did not sing in some places. He is passionate about singing since he was a student. In 1996, he went to Duy Ngoc for singing and is currently in & # 39; Co-operation with a number of theater in Ho Chi Minh City. As well as singing, Che Dung bought animation by bicycle sales.

Come together "Solo le Bolero 2018", Cheung wants to make beautiful memories of music he loves. Cheung got the voice from his father and kept the voice as if he was willing to drink.

Nighean Che Linh:

"Daddy father should be grateful to his wife for teaching his son not to return his father." – Le Thi department.

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