The Committee of the Committee of the Town Party Committee Recommendation to clarify the & # 39; bankruptcy at HCMC Staff Academy

The Ho Chi Minh General Inspector has highlighted the shortcomings in the Ho Chi Minh City Academy process.

Selecting contractors against rules

Therefore, there is a deficit in the HCMC Staff Academy (level 3) project in the warship as a team of non-emergency advocacy experts; meet the conditions set out in Item 3, Article 116 of Order 63/2014. / ND-CP dated 26 June 2014; The distribution of application applications is not in accordance with regulations. In addition, the capacity and financial expertise of its contractor is unable to; meet the requirements of the application documents, but still reach on technical records.

The category of materials is appraised for the Company Construction Company application Number 5 No. – Binh Minh's one-member Single Liability Company is not based on the application assessment criteria and other requirements in the code. tender offer.

In particular, there is a Comprehensive Stock Company. 5 – Binh Minh One Member Limited Group which distributes the type of products that are not in accordance with the requirements of the application documents. The applicant's advocate has taken into account the requirement for contractors to clarify that the provisions did not meet the requirements of the application application but decided to co-operate the Joint Stock Company Company. 5 – Binh Minh Construction One Member Limited Company 1, then, the new contractor who is committed to delivering the type of material in accordance with the application documents has not been properly implemented. For the technical and financial content identified in the contractor's application application, the clarification must ensure that there are no changes to the original content of the applications submitted without change. Applicant prices do not show fairness, competition among applicants.

The survey shows that the advocate is in the process to be able to; consider and select the "Resource collection, installation and installation of a home appliance installation" (grade 3) application folder on assessing the advocacy and equipment materials The contractor does not expose features technical of the equipment and the materials that are being used; Used for the jobs that continue to choose from non-compliant contractors; meet the requirements of the application applications.

In order to monitor the inspection team in accordance with legal rules, the views of specific groups (Planning Department Plan and Investment) and the Project Administrative Advisor, to decide on the selection and consultation ratings of the Stock Company Compatible Stock Co. Component Number 5 – Binh Minh Construction There is no member of a Limited Company; Compliance with legal regulations but the Advocate Advisor continues to show that he has been in attendance; comply with the rules in its contractor rating but can not provide the appropriate legal basis.

That affirms that the Undergraduate is unprotected by a single business, a & # 39; breaks the results of the election of a contractor who breaches the point b, Clause 4, Article 89 of the Law on Proceedings No. 43/2013 / QH13 with & # 39; Date of November 26, 2013 of The National Assembly: "Individuals will be evaluated directly on features, pre-licensing applications, applications, proposals for proposals, evaluation of the results of a short list selection, a selection of A & # 39; Providing false statements or giving unscrupulous information outlining the results of a selection of contractors or investors. "

HCMC Staff Academy

Signing of documents is related to the & # 39; process; Choosing a contract box "Building, supplying and installing a househouse device" but not to # 39; obtaining a qualification certificate, it is not implemented in accordance with the provisions of Section 1, Article 16 of the Law of Advocacy.

The CEO and Vice President of the Academy will be responsible

The Long Construction Building Consultants, the Business Planning Consulting Materials Company, the Director and Deputy Director of the Institute are responsible for the time of the event.

From the shortcomings above, Ho Chi Minh City Inspector's Chairman proposed the Committee of the Ho Chi Minh People's Committee Committee of Inquiry to scrutinize, clarify the Union of Friars Union Committee to agree on the & # 39; policy regarding the choice of contractors Joint Venture Company Partial Stock Company Number No. 5 – Binh Minh Construction No member of a Limited Company is compliant with the responsibilities and responsibilities of the Party party and the provisions of the Provision Law.

At the same time, ask the Ho Chi Minh Home Academy Director to scrutinize and clarify project management consultation (JSC Civil Engineering and Business Consultancy) and Food Adviser (Limited Merchandise Company). Long Building Estate Advisor) identifies a "conversation" in the report on the selection of contractors who are in charge of the " failing to comply with the requirements of application applications that propose owners to & # 39; accept the classification of contractors; Restrict the provisions of the application law.

Ho Chi Minh City Staffing Academy is built on a space of 7.1 ha in Ward 12, Thanh District. In particular, the first phase of the project is to # 39; including ground floor, construction of new ports (including permanent homes) and fences. Stage 2 is to manage administrative blocks and technical houses, and including library items, classrooms, lochs, administrative corridors, gardens, walkways, etc. Stage 3: construction of halls and residences Remove students.

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