The driver driver killed an independent student who died after conviction of a 12-year prison. Laws

On November 19, a court court of the Ha Hinh population opened its first test of the situation; despite Phan Dinh Quan (aged 38, living in the Ky Anh district, Ha Tinh province) for "murder".

According to their prejudice, at about 16:00 on May 31, 2016, the Army managed 38C – 073.05 trucks valued on Highway 1A on the southwest side. At Km 548 of Highway 1A at Ky Tien Commune (Ky Anh District, Ha Tinh Province), unfortunately, Quan will drive to # 39; His car from National Highway 1A and turning to his / her; fuel to the Ky Tien Commune community committee road. Continuing to a 38M1 – 218.54 electric road crash with Hoang Duc Ph. (He is 20 years old, living in Ky Giang commune, a student at a school in Ky Anh, Ha Tinh province).

The accident caused the electric motor to be thrown out, Ph. I went to the car. He realized that he had caused an accident, stopped the Army and jumped into the car and pointed out that P. was lying without moving on the back of her; car. After that, Quan will have to go to her car; run up on the victim's head and cause the person who has suffered the blood to break his death …

The driver will respond individually to a student who is a student; die after a 12-year prison sectionArmed forces carry accident tests on accidents

At the hearing on November 19, the Trial Panel of the Hain Court Tinh court sentenced the conviction of Phan Dinh Quan to 12 years imprisonment to "kill", asking the accused of compensation to pay to the people who were suffer. multiplied by 170 million.


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