The former police officer, Phan Van Vinh, includes & # 39; anti-criminal offender & # 39; News

On November 19, a lawyer of 92 defendants on the internet that questioned defenders identified was essential for your best and working gambling games. Rikvip / Tip.Club.

Police officer Phan Van Vinh alleged that there is a correct claim & # 39; - picture 1

Over the last 6 days, I sat on protecting the seat of the person, listening to 90 questions about the protection of the people. I mourn my heart, banned and regretted

A police officer, Phan Van Vinh, has a & # 39; issuing the case of prosecution & # 39; - picture 2 The old captain of the police, Phan Van Vinh, allegedly charged a case of prosecution & # 39; - picture 2

A Protector Phan Van Vinh

Permanent of the Court of People's Sound in the evening to question the accused Phan Van Vinh, a Lieutenant General, who was Chief Executive of the General Department; Police (Ministry of Public Security), to clarify the causes of energy misuse. to fulfill public duties.

Despite his poor health, he had to go to the healthcare room on his / her; first day of the test. On November 19, follow the one who left Vinh up to her; podium, calmly and send each question regularly. When asked if a sitting in the chair should be said, the defendant said they were in a position; appear, and show respect to the law, when they were; Feeling sick asked her to sit down.

The defendant Vinh alleged that Phu Case Proof has been proven for abuse of situation and authority in carrying out their proper responsibility. However, when they went into each particular case, the guardian explained very well. According to the defendant, when he was awarded General General of the Police Department, the High Crime Police Department (C50) was established and worked. Responding to the question why General Nguyen Van Duong General Department and High Tech Security Development Corporation (CNC) Company chose a professional company, the accused of Vinh said that C50 could organize the business of the unit. service in accordance with the regulations and leadership policies of the Ministry of Public Security at that time. From May 5, 2015, the General Division of the CNC Police Identifies as & # 39; a professional company according to its process and the rules. Previously, the CNC cooperated with the C50 as the defenders do not know clearly. The defendant also stated that the C50 was responsible for the operation of its CNC and its General Department; Police against the person in charge of the chamber, still for the C50 by the general director of Nguyen Cong Son is responsible.

"Before the CNC is recognized as a professional company, a business that has been received by the person who has been arrested has failed to submit anything for crime prevention?" ; just go to reply to & # 39; This question, the person who alleged Vinh said all roads would be The head of the department to do CNC work. "With the responsibility of the general director, the person who agreed that the work needs to be effective and legal," said the person who condemned Vinh. In addition, the person who said, agreed that the CNC would carry out its role of police The headquarters of the C50 and the Department of General Politics – Logistics are the responsibility of.

"The Defendant has forgotten"!

The defendants who were ahead of the & # 39; memory

"In the last few days, the defendant heard questioning a response that was defended, as the General Director of Police Department, who is responsible for the person responsible for his responsibility?", Answer a & # 39; this question about the owner. Nguyen Thuy Huong, defenseist Phan Van Vinh said: "Over the last 6 days, I sat on the defendant's seat, listening to 90 queries about the protection of the people. 39, mourning my heart, banned and regretted. Because 92 defenders and 92 families have pledged their promise. Not only that, there are millions of others outside of her & # 39; societies are also involved. Certainly, this time, they've been suffering.

Responding to the lawyer's question, Nguyen Van Duong said after the case had been prosecuted, he took a temporary arrest, the person knows attack the number of people playing the Rikvip game so big, it's harming to do with her; "player" game is so big. "Many people needed to sell their houses, and I got very bad behavior," said Duong. He also added responsibility for his sub-divisions. There are light penalties for their defendants to respond to; placing a "gambler" in the case.

Responding to & # 39; CNC company's development and development policy with the aim of building "a national defense system on cyber crime," said Phan Van Vinh's defender that this claim was made by Nguyen Thanh Hoa, CEO C50, after research visit in China. "After hearing the report, the person who found it should be appropriate to bring the current situation in Vietnam to build his / her project and track record , "he said.

The Vinh defender also appears, during the CNC collaboration with the VTC Online Line Company; runs online casino games, which have not been reported on Q50 and so the defendant does not grow up to mid-2016. Identifies the former Security Minister Public Le Quy Vuong on 27.5.2016 d # 39; The report needed illegal games to CNC and VTC Online.

"The defendant explained that he would be the General Director of the Police Department General, when the report received from the Deputy Minister that the Ministry of Public Health company was working with illegal games on the Company VTC line, but at 31.5, they included a letter to the Ministry of Information and Communications for CNC games licensing, "the chairman asked. The defendant at the moment refused to sign his document on May 23rd and recommended the review group to do so. However, the accused person also delayed the statement of the CNC event to the Ministry of Public Security. "At that time, with the emphasis of the work, massacre cases were made throughout the country; In addition, this is the final stage of corruption issues and so the accused person has been neglected, "said Vinh, her sweetheart.

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In response to the question, said Phan Van Vinh said "the billions and millions of dollars are not a guardian of Nguyen Van Duong, but only a shirt and a bottle of cure ae. "What about Rolex?" "The accused was received from Duong but paid $ 1,4 million Duong," answered Vinh.

Before the series of questions about where to get money to buy expensive jobs, the defendant Vinh who is not paid is only about 20 million a month, his wife is a civil salary of about 7 -8 million And the family does not trade anything. According to the defendants, the cost of buying Rolex watches has resulted in the sale of decorative plants, where there are many trees at the defense garden about ten billion. Especially, although the clock is very expensive but the victim Vĩnh khai would have been lost short time by … reminding in the toilet at a conference.

At the test, Nguyen Van Duong said he did not remember who was spending the money for his parliament before announcing the Duong statement. So, to create favorable situations for CNC in a business, Duong has made a lot of money for the Ministry of Public Security. In particular, for Mr Phan Van Vinh individually, at the Rikvip game activities, every month Yang 2 billion, there are several months over $ 200,000. There are five, at the New Year's Lunar, a $ 20,000 gift, a Rolex New $ 201 gift, 2014 gift Rolex watch, and $ 100 – 200 dollars to travel abroad. The money, Duong brought to Mr. Vinh's office and nobody knows. Duong said that the money is voluntary, no-one should see the old General to create situations for active, profitable games. When he arrived, Duong did not meet … After hearing this, the Yang defender was right and did not add anything to him.

"I was wrong"

At a query, a & # 39; Responding to a number of legal questions, said the defendant, Phan Van Vinh, in the establishment of a professional activity of the Ministry of Public Security and the construction of the "National Crime Protection Network" Not to protect the person at the moment but by the General Director of the Department of General & # 39; Police under the highest level of direction. In the verification process, the old CEO did not forget to request her; Panel considered to send some of the digits; documents secretly "secret" Ministry of Public Security.

Although he refused many of the allegations from the legal proceedings, defendant Phan Van Vinh also said he was guilty of giving confidence to his sub-divisions and his; Believe in the study of professional groups, without being wrong and correct. "Clì with other problems, I have not received details to forget to see if I was broken. I do not speak right against me. The important evidence that will make me clear, "Vinh said.

The "gambler" has never been submitted to the police

Trillion of the trillions of wire trial: His first police officer entered the "object" and "correct case" data-src = " 665 / uploaded / congthang / 2018_11_20 / 5b4631055d1_darb.jpg "caption =" Cựu tướng công an Phan Văn Vĩnh thừa nhận 'cáo trạng truy tố đúng' - ảnh 3

A & # application; Attorney Nguyen Van Duong (pictured) former Foreign Minister Pham Quy Ngo (lost) who was introduced to meet the C50 directors and the CNC said to be campaigns active. professional economy, and attending the C50. Initially, CNC needed the outbuilding office, but Duong suggested that the C50 leader leased Air. Ho Thi, Dong Dong, Ha Hai City (as the basis of the Ministry of Public Security) Department. Nguyen Van Duong assisted in 2015 that he signed a joint agreement with Phan Sao Nam, President of the VTC Online Company, to make Rikvip online gaming activity. This process, Duong told Nguyen Thanh Hoa, Director C50, but did not tell Mr Phan Van Vinh. After one year of work, CNC asked Mr Nguyen Thanh Hoa to allow the game.

"How did C50 and Nguyen Thanh Hoa help his company attack the guardian?" They got the panel. Yang responded but did not go into the focus: "The person who observers is the idea that he just wants business activities on the internet to connect to network users who understand criminal history. High technology. The guardian found it necessary. "

Clearly, the defenders named Nguyen Van Duong C50 in the court prepared plans for a person who was charged in the police. This policy was approved by the Ministry of Public Security to improve its long-term prevention and prevention of high tech crime.

Defender Nguyen Van Duong asked the fees to install gambling and cash vow according to his / her. case that was opposed to a population lawsuit in the Phu Tho area.

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