The high player had almost broke the shoulder of Donnie Yen on Li Li surrender

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Donnie Yen not only broke his shoulder with strong blows, and Li Lien Kiet was also praised by Buffalo Zhao Long for his strong military skills.

Not as strange as a Chinese art cinema, Buffalo Zhao Long is the name given to a series of players such as Chan Tu Dan, Ly Lien Kiet, and Thanh Long to be shy. The martial arts are high strength, antiquarian, cool colors and always careful in words, so Buffalo Zhao Ship often takes over the roles of high and mortal people.

The high player nearly made Donnie Yen's shoulder up Li Kuan without being aware - 1

It appears the cold appearance, staring of the murder of Trau Trieu Long, which caused many injuries.

He went to four martial arts teachers of different disciplines, including Quyen Bay, Ngu Hanh Quyen, Taekwondo, Thai Chi. The power of Buffalo Trieu Long is a good answer, a solid foundation of armor labor. The main thing that listeners does is the TION star who has not participated in the competition and who have fared personally.

Only a few children get bad information

Buffalo Zhao Long was born in 1967 in Taiwan. Trau Trieu Long, born in a poor family with brothers and sisters, was born 5 years old. He had just 6 years to earn money.

Working from 12 years as a hero, Trau Trieu made difficult scenes, accidents, drops, sweat and tears older and older.

The high player nearly made Donnie Yen's shoulder up Li Kuan without being aware - 2

With a bad journey, Trau Trieu Long tried to give up his job.

At the age of 12, Trieu Long had the opportunity to interact with a cinema and become a hero. Life was on the crisis but I also gave him training to be a man.

Working hard and always trying his best in all the jobs, he was looking with Hong Kim Bao. At the age of 18, Trieu Long was starred with an old-fashioned martial arts star in the film "Anti-power" which can be described as a turning point in his life.

At the age of 20, Zhao Long decided to go to Hong Kong to develop his career. Here, he joined Hong Kim Bao as a teacher and became a member of Hong Gia.

Carrying out his work all the time and working hard all the time, he was sensed by the attorney Hong Kim Bao and who was accepted, helping to promote power. It is also a center of revolution in Trau Trieu Long's reputation and success.

Buffalo Zhao Long is the name of many traditional Chinese rebellion artists.

Co-operate with Donnie Yen in the Detective movie and hardly hit his shoulder. Diep Man confesses after the accident, he had to avoid the rights of Buffalo Trieu Long.

The player who broke the shoulder of Donnie Yen noticed that Li Li would also be affected - 3  t

Donnie Donen was nearly struck by the blow when he went to the "Detonator".

Trau Trieu Long was also proposed by Ly Lien Kiet because of his strong artistic skills when he was working together in the King of Events. Ly Lien Kiet said he had been injured several times as a result of the hard beat of the actor born in 1967.

As well as taking part in martial arts films, Trau Trieu Long tried her best in the style of comedy whilst collaborating with Chau Chuc in Mandarin music (1994). Taking part in the ultra-sweet winds, Trau Trieu Long has been a success with many people enjoying it.

The player who broke the shoulder- Donnie Yen noticed that Li Li would also be affected - 4  t

Buffalo Zhao Long in Chow film.

Go into the capital of Hollywood cinema

Trau Trieu Long's career was at the highest level and reached international level in 2000 when he was invited by Hollywood from leading a martial arts in the "Matrix".

The Unexpected success was that the Matrix won over imagination when he won several prestigious Oscar awards. Buffalo Zhao Long was a popular figure and was invited to participate in the free line at "Matrix 2".

The tall player left Donnie Yen Li Kuan without heap of awareness - 5  t

Buffalo Million Long in "Matrix 2".

There are positive steps to attack the world cinema capital but Trau Trieu Long chose to return to Hong Kong to continue to contribute to a domestic cinema and contribute to films such as Hoac Nguyen Giap, t Man named Tu Dai, Flute, Phong Van … Buffalo Trieu Long is also a teacher for martial arts for many classical Chinese works like Toan Thanh Gioi, Dong Ta Tay … t

The collapse of love stems from the role

Following his successful employment the name Trau Trieu was a well-known ship, but adultery with a young girl who deserved her child made her add, which became the Chinese leisure town. Being quite private, many people were surprised by the news.

However, photographs showed that Trau Trieu Long had been hitting a long-haired girl's hand in the wild at the end of 2017, ensuring rumors were spread.

The high player made off shoulder from Donnie Yen to Li Kuan to be without know - 6

The statues of heroic artwork look at the curious girl's long legs bringing up the Chinese language uniforms.

The owners of these drawings also added that not only was the actor insulting, but also a “big boat”, supported enough by many girls. Buffalo Trieu Long is 24 years older than the girl above but she always looks after her.

They both often go out eating, and go into the hotel together. When he discovered Buffalo Zhao Long with other girls, this girl was angry and she decided to name the truth.

The story got worse when the daughter said she was tempted by Trau Trieu Long for a drink. So she agreed to be a sweetheart. Trau Trieu, who is 19 years of age and is getting married to Hong Kong's beauty, Mr Vi Duc, has now been silent.

The player who broke the shoulder Donnie Yen noticed that Li Li would also be affected - 7  t

Trau Trieu married a long-awaited 19-year-old Hong Kong Mr Vi Duc.

Although Buffalo Zhao Long was very conceived and thought that the pictures were a result of a photoshop, the effect of male and female models fell quickly.

Even though he got that, he asked his wife and children to say, but Trau Trieu Long still made an attack on fans. A talented and talented memorial has fallen since then.

Video: The battle between Buffalo Zhao Long and Donnie Yen in the "Detonator" film.

Three Kingdoms describe the meaning: The truth is Zhao Tu Long is a deceitful girl?

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