The HN chairman is going to take an Iphone production line to Vietnam

– – VCCI chairman Vu Tien Loc said the president of Hanoi would "go on" with the Chinese Agency to bring the Iphone production line to Vietnam.

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This afternoon, the PM working group met with the head of the Minister, Head of the Government Office, Mai Tien Dung, by the Hanoi People's Committee about the implementation of the actions given by the Government and the Prime Minister on foot.

Minister Tony Tien Dung said Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc suggested that Hanoi had a lot of progress, innovations in administrative development, IT applications, and # 39; create transparency in work solution. South Westerly

The HN chairman is going to take an Iphone production line to Vietnam
The Minister – President of the Government Office of Mai Tien Dung

PM suggested that Hanoi had created an open and open business environment. Hanoi has been more efficiently equipped, reducing staff …

However, according to Dung Minister, the PM noted some issues. In particular, in the planning and implementation of the main plan, the Prime Minister noted that Hanoi should have regard to synchronization, urbanization, especially the area after expansion.

PM PM praised the continuation of administrative developments, and securing administrative control, enhancing IT usage.

"We visited the Hoan Kiem District public administration center and found that their use was effective. However, people and businesses still want higher, how to review and record files and documents back to lightning faster, "said Dung, and stressed him, the effective public reform. This will add to the fight against small pollution in dealing with administrative procedures.

Also, the Prime Minister noted that Hanoi strengthened control, the water in which to do it; The implementation of public duties, which deals specifically with fighting in land management …

By government, people do not have to go out

Speaking at a & # 39; Meeting, Victoria Chamber and Business Industry (VCCI) was chaired by Vu Tien Loc in Hanoi's efforts in socio-economic development and administrative reform. According to Mr Loc, the study by a business community demonstrates that Hanoi is one of the three largest sectors in attracting investment.

The HN chairman is going to take an Iphone production line to Vietnam
VCCI Chairman Vu Tien Loc

Mr Loc says about the chairman of Hanoi "going on" by Hong Hai Group (China) to bring an iPhone production line to Vietnam.

Before a Sino-SA trade war was passed, Loc realized that this was also an opportunity for Vietnam. At present, wave of investors are moving from China to Vietnam. In particular, northern and Hanoi are the main choices of investors.

According to Mr Loc, Hanoi can completely become the headquarters of large world divisions.

Loc is for Hanoi to continue to host; developing its investment environment to achieve a new wave of high tech investment in the future.

A description of the points that Hanoi needs to note, Loc a & # 39; mentions that the burden of unofficial expenses is much reduced, but it needs to be stronger to reduce; Need to create a more similar business environment for businesses, economic sectors.

According to Loc, the implementation of e-government is also an important step in addressing traffic problems in Hanoi, so people do not have to go out. According to the world, there is a prestigious city, prestigious transport, the solution should be a key choice.

The General Director of the Nguyen Dinh Cung Economic Management Institute has said that recent ideas have shown that Hanoi has progressed on signs to improve the business environment.

He said that Hanoi's investors need more than investors need investors.

However, if the comparison between Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, the Department in Ho Chi Minh City is still faster, but in Hanoi he was still involved in a number of approaches .

Regarding the administrative procedures, Mr Cung expects document handling to be promoted faster. Accordingly, Hanoi should attract an independent unit to evaluate their results to compare and compare because much internal evaluation also includes a gap between their use and text.

According to the chairman of the Hanoi People Nguyen Duc Chung Committee, for the administration of the government, the management device needs to be reconfigured, the development of a business placement scheme of each department, division. Based on that new software.

The HN chairman is going to take an Iphone production line to Vietnam
President of Hanoi Nguyen Duc Chung

According to Chung, in the end of December, TP will report its program as well as applications to raise government, smart applications in the management process.

City directors said that the system also serves the management, all relations and civil servants when they are working, the system is in place; warns the phone automatically, his work is an ipad of the staff. Finished, 2 hours motivated and 3rd expresses each stage automatically.

Thereafter, the TP will have a basis for comparing the procedures between organizations to know where they are fast or slow.

Hanoi wants to be rich from a horse race over 400 USD "width =" 145 "height =" 101

Hanoi wants to be rich from a horse race over 400 USD

According to Hanoi City, the project that combines sports, horse races in the Soc Soc area will help; Increase the budget income from a tax collection of $ 66 million a year.

Sociedad defensive Villa on Soc Soc: Hanoi Chairman accepts the responsibility "width =" 145 "height =" 101

Villa on the forest defense in Mac: the Chairman of Hanoi took responsibility

Prior to the breach of construction of Woodland's defensive woodland, Hanoi's chairman Nguyen Duc Chung said he would township and the area concerned.

Hanoi wants to spend almost 60,000 billion for flood prevention planning "width =" 145 "height =" 101

Hanoi wants to spend almost 60,000 billion for flood prevention planning

In order to use the flood control plan, Hanoi is planning to & # 39; spend almost 60,000 billion VND and suggest that more than 3,000 homes will be exceeded. live in river banks.

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