The horoscope prehistoric for 12 new weeks from 19 – 25/11/2018

Take a look at the new week for the 12th outlook on your new week. Thereafter, there will be more basis for you to make your decisions in the future.


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The Tyrant needs to be stronger in situations in the workplace. Due to your success, how many times you miss a good chance in the hands of others. This is the time to focus and be careful to make important decisions for yourself. In addition, you should spend less time to look back at the moment and plan new plans for the future. The lawyer's health at this time is often uncertain. You should pay more attention to your body with proper life situations.

An Ox

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Success will occur to Ox, but in the first place, you need to be calm and clever before the bad people try to harm you. At the same time, it is a challenge for the Ox, you have to limit the distance of work and solve the unfunding arrangements in the office. However, things will get back to an early stage when you reach the weekend. On the other hand, money will be a barrier at the weekend. If you do not have a special plan before entering the shop, you will come back with the empty purse.

Age of Tiger

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The Tiger gets a new week of mirth. At work, you may be responsible for a few mistakes. Although it is not just a game player, but due to the nature of the general work, you must also spend time to solve the effects. Procedure will cause your feelings to disappear. The best way to do the situation is better to talk to the person directly. Once arrangements and problems are resolved, they will have a better look at your life.

Age support


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The old age is to be "aggravating" and this is when your headteacher allows you to select "sweet fruit". The spirit of enthusiasm and enthusiasm for learning is much praised by the people around you. You will see the results in the days ahead. Positive work is but the fortune line is still very dark. Should you try it harder than that? In the case, single girls will meet many happy stories. Compared to this, the two are getting tough, difficult to solve things after a day.

Dragon Age

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It will attract the dragon to be weak this week. If you feel you're tired of & # 39; correction and definition, focus more and more focus on each activity you do. It's not a problem in money for you, but you should do it; best to do it. A love story is not so obvious. If you feel that the atmosphere is very tough, so you want to. recommend that you go on a journey to change your mind!


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In this new week, the SCORPION will have more fun in a situation. For single people, you can get in and find out more about new things. The same thing that you need to take care of is not consistent, unhappy with "new friends" who will not return to their market. For those who have "the other half," you and your partner will know each other better, to make each other feel emotional for one another longer. In terms of work, you should be careful not to cause unnecessary disturbance. Faster you solve the problem, the further trouble will be reduced to the lowest.

The horoscope prehistoric for 12 new weeks from 12 – 11/11/2018

Take a look at the new week for the 12th outlook on your new week. From there, you will have more resources to play …


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The horse was brought back quickly this week. In terms of work, you have many benefits. Thanks to your help, your job will succeed. Cooperators are sometimes ropes that connect you and your enemy. It is not necessary to be unhealthy or be active, the opponent gets a quick way to get you informed quickly. The money is very stable, and it gives you a lot of income.

Age Clothing

8th Armor

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The creativity of the Smurfs grows far more than ever. So, you're always ready to give ideas or suggestions to colleagues to create the best results in the work, which means you're full of energy when you put your efforts to collect and Find out what product is needed. In terms of personal life, it is unhappy that you can not keep your own happiness. Once the enemy has a & # 39; make mistakes, you do not completely allow them to correct and also be able to; Take your sad sadness to stop.

Age Group

Wizard 9

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At the beginning of the week, the youngster should be well tried to get the results out of the way. Difficulties and challenges come closer to you, make sure that there is enough of them; your attacks to deal with them. Important actions should be done early in the week rather than being damaged to the weekend. Our current uses are so important if you want to get your story right, use every minute to do it correctly.

Linn Rooster

the army 10

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A new week with a lot of happiness happy and sad to wait for her. hill Ant. Work at the beginning of the week is not as real as you are. think. If you want your plan to be successful, it is best to limit your share with anyone. From the middle of the summer onwards, you have more opportunities to show your ability. Interesting and financial matters are also very unsure. If you feel you have a lot of worry, it's best to make any decisions.


the army 11

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Success succeeds beyond the imagination of the dog dog. Thanks to your own efforts in the past, you feel that you have an impact on the professional way. The road is better than the past, especially on the weekend. However, the love story is not very happy. Perhaps because of the fear that you miss too many opportunities at the enemy. Your sentence is "far away from the heart" and so you should spend more time on your online story!

Pig age

the 12th

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Being active in planning for his life, Hois had little trouble getting into a new week. However, everything can not be easily resolved. If you're feeling lost, you should take a deep breath and remember your own plan. Everything is still alone, so you have to keep your health in a check for anything at the same time. For a love story, you should reduce your ego to get the right person.

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