The Malay player will be cleaned after & # 39; rotten finger in My Dinh. Picture of the side

After being discharged with the Malay media with the "fingers rotten" in support of Vietnam supporters, the opposition against Safavi Rasid had to put the pressure away from the public.

The Malay player will be cleaned after & # 39; rotten finger in My Dinh

After being seen by "rotating fingers" to host Vietnam's followers at My Dinh Park, a Dispute challenged her; case. On November 20, clean the page Goal Malaysia"I should not be like this for others, especially if I do not stay calm. After this event, I need to be more careful."

The players are Johor Darul Ta Zim. "I have nothing to do with the fans. Only a few people were damaging me. Looking forward to the game against Myanmar, I'll be calm. Hope is still supporting Malalais fans to support the team. "

In a Malaysian 0-0 team, Malaysian to Vietnam, the young strip, Rasid, was a conducting "rotary runners" behavior in response to My Dinh supporters. Rasid's attack situation set calmly, but he could not escape from the Malaya view.

The 21-year-old contestant has appeared in the last few days, and he has received memories from his teams. He said: "The team's main players, especially the skipper Zaquan Adha, have been reminded of being careful about those tasks. They are confident that everything has been over and I need to learn lessons to move on . "

Rasid and his team team are in trouble in the Group A competition.

After a 0-2 win for Vietnam, Malaysia was in a difficult situation with just 6 points after three games. On the recordings, Rasid and his companions are in third place due to the adverse effects of Vietnam and Myanmar.

The Malaysia team has been relaxing in today 's game (20/11). Then, the "Malay tigers" decide to fight with Myanmar to win tickets to go on. The game was held at 7:30 am on November 24 at Bukit Jalil Park in Kuala Lumpur.

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